Upgrade to Oracle Database 12.2 – New MOS Notes

Some very helpful MOS Notes got published regarding the upgrade to Oracle Database MOS Note: 2173141.1 Complete Checklist for Manual Upgrades to non-CDB Oracle Database 12.2 MOS Note: 2173144.1 Complete Checklist for Manual Upgrade for Multitenant Architecture Oracle Databases from 12.1. to 12.2. MOS Note: 2189854.1 Complete Checklist for Upgrading to Oracle Database 12.2 using DBUA Furthermore check regularly for Known Issues and Alerts – currently the note has no content but exists already: MOS Note: 2239820.1 Base Release – Availability and Known Issues Cheers –Mike

New preupgrd.sql is available – MOS 884522.1

A new preupgrd.sql got released this week via MOS Note:884522.1. Plus use this one for upgrades to Oracle Database instead of the deployed (or any other earlier version). Changes since initial release of Do not recommend pga_aggregate_limit for 12.1 databases Fix miscalculation of upgrade parallel pdb count Updates to the memory sizing uploaded in build #12 Removed the 32-bit and 64-bit values in the manual display. Added a pga_aggregate_limit. Shared_pool_size has gone from 472M to 660M for non-CDB. Memory_target algorithm is more robust now that we’ve added a pga_aggregate_target to its sizing. CDB sizing also in  (And is…

MOS Note 1454618.1: Quick Reference to Database PSUs, CPUs, BPs and Patchsets

Sometimes my mouse arm gets tired by clicking myself through MOS notes just to download a specific PSU or BP – and as I experiment a lot with PSUs and BPs right now I clicked a lot in the past days and nights. Usually I’d start with either MOS Note:161818.1 – then click on the release link (e.g. 12.1.0.x) in the left-most column, then into the Availability and Known Issues not (e.g. MOS Note:1683799.1 for Oracle Database and then select the most recent patch from the list of Current Recommended Patches. Even though we all agree that you should…

New PREUPGRD.SQL is available for Upgrades to 12c

As of today a new version of our upgrade tool preupgrd.sql (including the package utluppkg.sql) for upgrades to Oracle Database is available as download from MOS: MOS Note:884522.1 How to Download and Run Oracle’s Database Pre-Upgrade Utility preupgrd.sql – Build 12 Download it and exchange the existing preupgrd.sql and utluppkg.sql in your current Oracle ?/rdbms/admin directory. –Mike

Tech Tip: Get updates about new/important MOS Notes

There’s nothing more annoying than unwanted and useless email newsletters in your inbox. No doubt. But sometimes I wish to have an alert about important MOS Note changes, recent additions to my favorite notes, updates to the bugs I monitor etc. I would like to know about helpful new MOS articles – when they get published 😉 And this is what you need to do (and I’ll have to apologize for the small pictures but our fancy, modern blog design template does not allow to include larger pictures …). Log into MOS and change your SETTINGS Once you’ve logged in…

Oracle Database Release Status – MOS Note:742060.1

Almost every day I get at least one email by somebody asking things such as … What is the current status of Oracle  Is Oracle Standard Edition One under Extended Support’s treatment? Do I get bug fixes for Oracle And is it really true that I don’t get bug fixes for Oracle anymore??? All valid questions – and all of them get answered within this reference note called: MOS Note 742060.1 Release Schedule of Current Database Releases Why am I writing this? Simply because the Lifetime Support Policy Brochure only has now a link to a…

ORAchk with new checks + Restart support

Never used or heard about ORAchk? Then it’s time to give it a try!  ORAchk has now be released. ORAchk has so many great features, especially more than 50 new health checks, OL7 Support – and is now aware of Oracle Restart environments. New features include: Linux on System Z (RHEL 6, RHEL 7, SuSE 12) Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 Single Instance ASM Checks Upgrade Validation checks for Enhanced Golden Gate Checks Enterprise Manager Agent Checks Enhanced Reporting to highlight checks that ORAchk cannot gain full visibility for (checks that require manual validation) Improved health Score Calculation…

New MOS Note:1962125.1 – Overview of Database Patch Delivery Methods

Usually I don’t announce MOS Notes but this one may be very helpful to sort out between all the different patches available these days for the database only. From Patch Sets to PSUs to SPUs to Interim Patches to Bundle Patches and so on. Plus it includes also recommendations for testing and if you should apply them on a regular basis. A very important MOS Note for most DBAs: MOS Note:1962125.1 Overview of Database Patch Delivery Methods –Mike

New MOS Notes on Database Upgrades for 12c with or without Oracle Multitenant

Please find some new MyOracle Support (MOS) Notes about Database Upgrades to Oracle Database 12c, with or without Oracle Multitenant: MOS Note: 1503653.1 Complete Checklist for Manual Upgrades to Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1) . MOS Note: 1932762.1 Complete checklist for manual upgrade from to 12.1.0.N (Full CDB Upgrade) . MOS Note: 1933391.1 Complete checklist for 12c R1 PDB upgrade (Upgrading single/multiple PDB) . MOS Note: 1932340.1 How to execute sql scripts in Multitenant environment (catcon.pl) . MOS Note: 1933011.1 Complete Checklist for DBUA Upgrade from to 12.1.0.N . Credits for the CDB/PDB Notes go to my colleague, Krishnakumar Kunka  🙂 -Mike

Avoid Poor Performance and Wrong Results in

One of the best notes in MOS got refreshed last night for Oracle Database It has not only information about performance bugs but also about the worst and meanest category of issues, wrong query result bugs. Those are the ones I call the “sleeping beauties” as you as a DBA usually won’t recognize them. It is recognized at the application level when the result of a report is incorrect or instead of 4 rows just 3 rows get delivered in the output. Therefore you should be highly aware of those and add this note to your bookmarks. MOS Note… Pre-Upgrade Script Now Available!

It took a little while because of upgrades to My Oracle Support, but the pre-upgrade script for Oracle Database is now available for download. If you want the latest pre-upgrade script for any supported version of the database, simply go to MOS Note 884522.1 and download the script that corresponds to your destination release. This is a lot easier than downloading the entire kit in order to obtain the script!

Database Upgrade: Most important Support Notes Oracle

It’s been a while … sorry for not updating the Blog this frequently in the past weeks 😉 But now I’m back in business and today I’m updating our major slide set with some new stuff. And while I’m updating it I thought about what would be the most important MOS (My Oracle Support) Notes on Database Upgrades. Actually I would say you should start here – and these Notes should guide you to the most important bits and pieces around upgrades. I won’t claim that this is THE final list so you might have a look into our comprehensive…

Database Upgrade Troubleshooting Tool

Support recently released a new helpful tool to diagnose upgrade issues post upgrade: The Database Upgrade Troubleshooting Tool. You’ll access it via MOS Note:559339.1 and click on the top link in the middle column: The guided workflow has three steps: 1) Describe Problem 2) Upload Files 3) Review Recommendation Once you have uploaded the upgrade diag log, the upgrade log, alert.log and maybe other things per request of the troubleshooting assistant you should see helpful recommendations. Try it out if you encounter any issues during database upgrade.

11.2 Upgrade Companion has been updated!

The long-awaited update of the 11.2 Upgrade Companion is now available in My Oracle Support, in the usual location (MOS Note 785351.1). This comprehensive update incorporates lessons learned from adoption of the patchset release. We have also included many more links for customers in a RAC/ASM (Grid Infrastructure) environment, information about the GoldenGate 11g release, and more! As always, the Upgrade Companion is available in PDF and HTML format in addition to the web-viewable java-based document.

New Certify interface on My Oracle Support

An important preparatory step in approaching any upgrade is to verify that your software stack is certified with your database, your new database version is certified on your hardware/OS platform, and so on. The Certify interface on My Oracle Support was originally pretty difficult to use, but we’ve now just seen the second round of major enhancements. Here’s a screenshot: Try the interface, and let us know what you think. There is a feedback link at the bottom of the Certify page.