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Rolling back or removing all patch SQL changes

This is quite an interesting case I’ve had to scratch my head at first as well. Magnus mailed me the other day asking for a client since the PDB compatibility check errored out with a patch conflict. We discussed the topic but the most easiest workaround to me was Rolling back or removing all patch SQL changes from the PDB before unplug. And since I had to look up the command I’d rather put it on the blog in case you or I need it again one day.


What is the case?

I …

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Windows Only: Upgrade to Oracle 18.10.0 fails with ORA-01722

Liron Amitzi reported this on his blog a few days ago already. And it is a very nasty tiny little issue happening with RUs where the second number of the release enters the two-digit-space, such as 18.10.0. At this point, on Windows Only: Upgrade to Oracle 18.10.0 fails with ORA-01722. This happens late in the upgrade phase.

What is the issue?

The problem here is a tiny little piece in %ORACLE_HOME\admin\catupstr.sql – a SUBSTR function is used in a way that it does not take into account a potential two-digit …

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Oracle Fail Safe 4.2.1 is available for Oracle 12.2

Oracle Fail Safe 4.2.1 is available for Oracle 12.2It took a while – we know. But finally Oracle Fail Safe 4.2.1 is available for Oracle 12.2. You may not see the MOS notes being updated with certification information. Still you can download the software from

This version is certified with Oracle You should be able to use it with Oracle 18c as well but we’ll add another certification notice soon.

What is Oracle Fail Safe?

Oracle Fail Safe is a core feature included with every Oracle Database license for Windows Server. It is a high availability software, integrated with Microsoft Failover Cluster, that provides a fast, …

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Oracle Database certification on Microsoft Windows 10

The MOS Note: 1307195.1  about

Certification Information for Oracle Database on Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)

got updated right before the 2015 Christmas holidays with the official certification information for Oracle Database 12c on Microsoft Windows 10.

And it says:

Windows 10 O/S Information:
RAC is not certified.
The earliest release certified on Windows 10 is


Previous related blog posts from Aug 14, 2015:

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Oracle Databases and Microsoft Windows 10

Please find a more current blog post about certification of Oracle Database 12c on MS Win 10 here:

MS Windows 10

If you have upgraded already or plan to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 in the near (or later) future, you may find this Statement Of Direction by Oracle regarding Microsoft Windows 10 certification quite useful:

In summary:

  • Oracle plans to certify Oracle Database by October 2015
  • Oracle plans to certify the next major version of the database as well on MS Win 10 – 64bit

Addition [Oct, 22, 2015]:

  • Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.8 released
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