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The new Oracle 19c Hands-On Lab is available now for download

Wow, this took a long while. Thanks to my team mate, Data Pump Product Manager Bill Beauregard who went through the complex approval process, the new Oracle 19c Hands-On Lab is available now for download. And in addition, I adjusted the instructions on the blog as well.

The new Oracle 19c Hands-On Lab is available now for download

Photo by Kenrick Mills on Unsplash

What you’ll get …

At first, the download is huge. All together, you will download 13 files summing up to 25GB. When you unzip it, you will get an OVA file. Then you will need to import this appliance into Oracle VirtualBox. The lab will …

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The new Oracle 19c Hands-On Lab is available

Well, it’s been a while since we refreshed the lab being downloadable via this blog. But finally, the new Oracle 19c Hands-On Lab is available – you can download it as of now.

What’s new in the lab?

First of all, the biggest change you’ll see is that the operating system is now Oracle Linux 7. Well, to be honest, I’m not a die-hard Linux expert and you may find my setup a bit creepy. Feel free to exchange things or adjust them – or drop me a message if you think that adjustments should be made. And of …

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New Oracle Database Upgrade Lab for Oracle 18.3.0

New Oracle Database Upgrade Lab for Oracle 18.3.0

Our new and updated Oracle Database Upgrade Hands-On Lab for Oracle 18.3.0 is finally live and can be downloaded via this link:

What’s new?

Of course, Oracle 18.3.0 is inside to upgrade to. But we changed the entire instructions set a bit. We included a simple load generator. And we added way more performance stuff. And of course fallback. As soon as Oracle 18.4.0 becomes available, patching will be included in the instructions as well. Everybody should have used OPatch at least once 🙂

What’s in

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Upgrade Hands-On Lab – Oracle Database – May 2018

Roy just uploaded a newer version of our Upgrade Hands-On Lab – Oracle Database – May 2018.

The previous version had – I believe – and early drop of Oracle installed. And recently somebody complained that certain Multitenant operations such as Hot Cloning with Oracle Database don’t work but result in errors. Therefore, we updated it.

Upgrade Hands-On Lab – Oracle Database – May 2018

The size requirements unfortunately are still the same. Your machine should have 8GB of RAM and you will need a bit more than 60GB free space on disk. You “could” run …

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Hands-On Lab available: Upgrade to Oracle Database

Thanks to Roy – our Hands-On Lab “Upgrade, Migrate and Consolidate to Oracle Database 12.2” is now available for download from OTN.

Instructions and technical requirements are clearly documented on the OTN page as well. The lab is based on Virtual Box and can be easily imported upon download and unzip.

You can always access the lab via the blog’s top menu as well:

HOL Link on the Upgrade Blog

Hands-On Lab – Access via the Blog

Inside the lab you’ll find :

  • UPGR – an Oracle
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VBox 5.0.10/12 issues with PERL and Seg Faults – UPDATE

A bit more than two months ago I did hear from several people having issues with our Hands-On Lab environment. And it became clear that only those who use Oracle Virtual Box 5 see such errors.

Then I read Danny Bryant‘s blog post (thanks to Deiby Gomez for pointing me to it) about similar issues and a potential solution yesterday:

And interestingly one of my colleagues, our PL/SQL product manager Bryn Llewellyn started an email thread and a test internally yesterday as well.

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New version of our Hands-On Lab available for download “Upgrade/Migrate/Consolidate to Oracle 12c” HOL

Yes! Finally …

Roy did all the hard work and patched all our environments with the most recent PSUs. And he managed also to upload our Hands-On Lab not only internally to retriever (Oracle internally) but also to OTN.

What you’ll be able to do?

  • Upgrade an database UPGR to Oracle Database
  • Plug in UPGR into the CDB2, an Oracle Database Container database, and make it a PDB
  • Migrate an database FTEX into another PDB using the Full Transportable Export/Import feature
  • Unplug an Oracle Database PDB and plug it into an Oracle Database
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VBox 5.0.10 crash issues with our Hands-On-Lab

Milano - Nov 2015 (c) Mike Dietrich

I’ve ran two Hands-On-Workshops with customers and partners in Italy last week in Milano where we used our well known and thousands-of-times proven Hand-On-Lab environment:

But this time some people failed while running the lab with random corruptions either shutting down the entire VM while running – or displaying file corruptions in the spfile – or other issues.

The common thing in all cases: People had VBox 5.0.10 downloaded and installed right before the workshop.

Of course they’ve did it – as I’m tempted too since …

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Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.x – Segmentation Fault in PERL

Please see as well:


Yesterday and the day before I’ve exchanged several emails with Ana who downloaded our Hands-On-Lab from here:

after OOW15, encountering a SEGMENTATION FAULT when trying to start the database upgrade with catctl.pl:

$ $ORACLE_HOME/perl/bin/perl catctl.pl catupgrd.sql

Segmentation fault 

Very strange thing … 

The database is in upgrade mode (checked this in the alert.log) and there are no strange things mentioned anywhere. Plus hundreds of people have run and completed our lab so far.

Tue Nov 10 20:39:47 2015
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OOW 2015 – if you’ve missed our Upgrade Hands On Lab

Ready to kick off with the first of our four Hands-On-Labs at OOW15 at the Nikko Hotel. Currently it’s calm before the storm  …

OOW 2015

But just in case you didn’t grab a seat at one of the labs then please come to our talk today (Monday!) at 1:30pm in Moscone South 102 as we’ll show you the core parts of the lab – and you’ll be able to download it later on from the blog and run it by yourself.

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Hands-On-Lab “Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c” available for DOWNLOAD now!

Wow … that was a hard piece of work. Roy put a lot of effort into getting our Hands-On-Lab on OTN for download. We promised to have it available after OOW – or at least a description how to create it by yourself. And finally it’s there. Find it here:

A few important things to mention before you start the download:

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