Data Guard

When you upgrade, disable the Data Guard Broker

A customer of mine hit an issue recently when upgrading to Oracle Database They did everything correctly but received a ton of issues from the Data Guard Broker. A rule says: When you upgrade, disable the Data Guard Broker. But I can’t blame the customer as this “rule” is well hidden in the documentation.

When you upgrade, disable the Data Guard Broker

First of all, the Data Guard Broker is required if you would like to administer your databases in Oracle Cloud Control. Otherwise you can’t switchover or failover within Enterprise Manager. But once you approach a database upgrade …

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In Oracle Database 12c, the RMAN “DUPLICATE” command has new “NOOPEN” option which clones the database but does not open the auxiliary instance. This feature can be used to duplicate a database to higher version.

MOS Note: 2022820.1
Upgrade to 12c database using RMAN Duplicate with NOOPEN clause

The note contains also a full example on how to duplicate the production database as a standby, and upgrade it.


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Migration IBM AIX ==> SPARC Solaris with Data Guard

Can we migrate our database with Oracle Data Guard?

We are getting this question asked quite often during our workshops or via email. And if you are staying within the same operating system family (such as Red Hat 5.8 to OL 7) all is fine, and this is one of the best and most simple approaches to jump between servers. Even when you add a subsequent database upgrade all is very straight forward.

But what if you mix operating systems?

The Support Note for Heterogeneous Data Guard Configurations explains which combinations are allowed beginning with specific releases:

MOS Note: 413484.1

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