Virtual Classroom Seminar #19 “Move to Oracle 23ai” is available – and #20 is coming soon

Thanks to the over 350 people who attended our Virtual Classroom Seminar #19 – Move to Oracle Database 23ai: Everything you need to know about Multitenant PART 1 on May 16, 2024. And thanks as well for asking so many questions during the seminar. In case you couldn’t attend, or you’ve had to leave earlier, we are sharing the recording with you, and of course the slides as well.

Virtual Classroom Seminar #19 - Move to Oracle Database 23ai - Multitenant Part 1

What were the topics in VC#19?

In VC#19 we talked about the Oracle Multitenant architecture, how to design a new deployment, how the dictionary is laid out. In addition, you will find topics covered such as the various options to migrate to the CDB architecture. And not to forget, you should consider the standby topic as well, especially when you are in ASM since there may be additional considerations and tasks.

But when we put the slides together, we quickly realized that we’ll have too much content to share with you. And you may see, even though VC#19 is already more than 2 hours long (including cool demos and interviews), there is much more to talk about.

So, if you haven’t already, sign up and register for VC#20, the PART 2 of VC#19 on June 27, 2024.


Where do you find recording, slides and more?

You can always access ALL Virtual Classroom Seminars easily either via the blog (where you get the slides as well), or you navigate directly to the Virtual Classroom Seminar playlist in our YouTube Channel.

Or, and then you learn about our new videos every time we publish a new one, you simply subscribe to our Youtube Channel @UpgradeNow.

As an surprise feature, we even included a demo into VC#19 which we didn’t show in the initial broadcast. Daniel demonstrates how to migrate an Oracle 19c non-CDB to Oracle 23ai and keeping the Standby database in Enabled Recovery mode. Even if you attended the seminar, you may still want to watch this insightful demo.

Now, here’s is the direct link to the recording.

Note that you will find – as usual – all chapters with shortcuts in the video’s description:

Virtual Classroom Seminar 19 - Contents

Please click on “Description” under the Youtube video to get to the contents


Slides and QA?

Yes, we share the slides as well. And you will get access to the curated QA document as well via the same link.


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