A new version 24.1.0 of CPAT is available

No worries, this blog won’t become a “new version” announcement blog. But after two weeks of relaxing Easter holidays I just start cleaning up my inbox and flushing out blog posts as soon as time allows. One thing I need to share with you is that a new version 24.1.0 of CPAT is available for download. CPAT? You may not have read about CPAT on my blog yet. But this will change in the future since the CPAT development is now part of our small team as well. And we get happily tied into more and more Autonomous Database (ADB) migrations where CPAT got originally created for.

A new version 24.1.0 of CPAT is available

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What is CPAT?

CPAT (Cloud Pre-migration Advisor Tool) is a cool tiny little tool which checks your database before a migration and generates a report divided in 4 parts:

  • Things you need to fix in your source database
  • Stuff you need to prepare on the target
  • Topics which need attention for the actual migration
  • General recommendations and fidings

Since two releases CPAT generates not only TXT and JSON but also a very handy HTML report. And in the following months I’ll give you more insights into how to use the tool, best practices – and of course migration experience.


Where can you get CPAT?

That is the most simple part: You can download it from MOS Note 2758371.1 – Cloud Premigration Advisor Tool (CPAT) Analyzes Databases for Suitability of Cloud Migration. This MOS Note 2758371.1 gives you also a comprehensive overview on how to use the tool. And as promised, in the following weeks I will share more information with you. Stay tuned …


What is new in CPAT

This is the list of new features and fixes in CPAT 24.1.0.

Cloud Premigration Advisor Tool (CPAT) README.txt
Version 24.1.0
Built on 2024/03/26 09:46:41

Recently Added Features and Enhancements:

OPTD-568: Adding a new check for Oracle Streams, which is no longer supported
          in version 19c and later versions
OPTD-606: Now can detect if there are applications running on the database.
OPTD-609: Added new property FLASHBACKQUERY to MigrationMethodProp, which
          prevents objects with 'ID KEY' in DBA_GOLDENGATE_SUPPORT_MODE from
          being flagged in CPAT checks.
OPTD-619: When --reportformat is not used on the command line CPAT will now,
          by default, generate both an HTML report and a TEXT report

Recently Fixed Bugs or Other Changes:

OPTD-623: HTML Report Update: We've  addressed an issue where the layout could
          appear disorganized


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