New AutoUpgrade Tool is available in March 2024

It has been a longer while – but the Upgrade Dev team worked very hard. And finally, the new AutoUpgrade Tool is available in March 2024. And it brings a ton of new enhancements and features. Some of them, for instance the windows services support, were awaited by you for a long time. Still, there’s much more to talk about.


Download the newest version of AutoUpgrade

As usual, you can download it from MOS Note:2485457.1 – Download AutoUpgrade. And when you check the version, you already find some of the new things jumping into your eye:

$ java -jar autoupgrade.jar -version

build.version 24.1.240315 2024/03/15 14:26:29 -0400
build.hash 9109eef02
build.hash_date 2024/03/15 13:36:47 -0400
build.supported_target_versions 12.2,18,19,21,23
build.type production
build.label (HEAD, tag: v24.1, origin/stable_devel, stable_devel)
build.MOS_NOTE 2485457.1

The tool tells you now the MOS note and the link to the MOS note, too. And we are checking whether we can offer it also for directly download soon.

New Features, Enhancements and Fixes

The list this time is longer than ever before. We have full Windows support now including the services part and so much more – see below:

New Features

    AUPG-2602 - Create Windows service after a successful deploy
            This feature allows the DBA to handle end-to-end upgrade
             and patching operations in Windows. It allows to securely
            create the Database Windows service after a successful
            execution to leave it up and running ready for connections.
            This is an extension of existing functionality on Windows
            where there are certain operations to be done manually. 

    AUPG-2644 - Recompile only objects owned by Oracle-maintained users
            This feature reduces downtime for patching and upgrading by
            only recompiling invalid objects that are owned by Oracle.

    AUPG-2744 - Gather performance statistics to analyze database upgrade
            This feature will collect performance statistics during the upgrade
            process to evaluate why whole upgrade or certain operations may have
            taken long time.

    AUPG-2779 - Introduced a new command line parameter to list all prechecks on console
            This command will list all our prechecks so a customer can see the
            type of checks AutoUpgrade could run during the ANALYZE phase.

    AUPG-3097 - Support for passing username/password on environments where 
            OS Authentication is disabled.
            This is for Oracle customers who don't use OS Authentication but
            supply a username and password to invoke patching or upgrades.
            This feature allows a DBA to securely set a username and password
            enabling AutoUpgrade to automate the process.

    AUPG-3218 - Support AutoUpgrade to run on Java Runtime Environments from Java 8
                                  to Java 11

    AUPG-3278 - Support for patching in normal mode
            Patching in normal mode enables the database to stay open
            in normal mode throughout the process. In most cases we
            can move from the source home to the target home with only
            one required restart. This feature allows your applications
            to come online before the patching process completes.

    AUPG-3415 - Manage parallel degree when creating pluggable databases 
            This feature improves performance by controlling how many parallel
            execution servers are used for the clone functionality.
            This is specified using the parallel_pdb_creation_clause
            configuration option.

    AUPG-3498 - Add -zip_exclusion_list command line option for -zip operation
            We now allow an exclusion list feature for any customer who wishes
            to exclude certain log files from the zip utility function in

    AUPG-3593 - Support PDB upgrade with the -mode upgrade option
            This feature allows customers to manually plug in a database into
            an existing container and then upgrade the database.


    AUPG-1520 - Log the content of the pfile configuration parameters
    AUPG-2570 - Log mandatory changes for pfiles
    AUPG-2571 - Add trace logging to OS and SQL commands
    AUPG-2732 - Use modify parameter on srvctl when calling Datapatch on rollback
    AUPG-2737 - If a post fixup failed the post fixup report was not generated
    AUPG-2757 - Add more details when there is a database connection issue
    AUPG-2760 - Remove clutter from the user log file
    AUPG-2794 - Add a better error message when pdb copy option is missing
    AUPG-2863 - Add Support for distributed PDBs when calling Datapatch RUs
    AUPG-2883 - Synchronize Datapatch reporting
    AUPG-2995 - Archive existing status/progress report
    AUPG-3008 - Enhance logger to support log line number
    AUPG-3031 - Enhance interface DrainStep to support error message
    AUPG-3053 - Add Data Guard broker log files to AutoUpgrade zip file
    AUPG-3061 - Review and enhance exception report for GRP and PreUpgrade stages
    AUPG-3082 - Review and enhance exception report for check and fixup stages
    AUPG-3150 - Consolidate and improve status report code
    AUPG-3174 - Warn customers that AutoUpgrade is older than 180 days
    AUPG-3185 - Code improvement for exception handling in upgrade stage
    AUPG-3229 - Improve error handling code in class CheckForErrors
    AUPG-3295 - Enhance APPL_PRINCIPAL check for a clear message
                on how to resolve the problem
    AUPG 3375 - Error message was not clear if the database recovery area was
                not present during GRP creation
    AUPG-3395 - Copy or merge mgw.ora to the target Oracle Home
    AUPG-3396 - Copy or merge drdaas.ora to the target Oracle Home
    AUPG-3502 - Display MOS Note and link on -version output
    AUPG-3532 - Add option to remove MATERIALIZE and PARALLEL hints
    AUPG-3543 - Refactoring code for AutoUpgException handling/reporting
    AUPG-3544 - Update oraclepki.jar to version 23 - Update TDE tests using 23.3
    AUPG-3550 - Refactoring code for error report of AutoUpgException's subclasses
    AUPG-3562 - Removing unused subclasses of AutoUpgException
    AUPG-3583 - Refactor code for unhandled exceptions under dispatcher
    AUPG-3637 - Support Commons-cli version 1.6
    AUPG-3671 - Improve ORDIM_DESUPPORT check for performance
    AUPG-3728 - Refreshable Pdb clones now do one last refresh prior to
                and upgrade or patch operation
    BUG-31774043 - Include the application Root container for any application Pdb
                   that is getting upgrade.
    BUG-33855672 - Autoupgrade refreshes state information into both state.html and now
                   in state.txt file
    BUG-35565792 - Customize the frequency of status messages for -noconsole mode
                   This can be adjusted with json_progress_writing_interval
                   configuration parameter. Defaults to 30 seconds.
    BUG-35719923 - Include MOS Note NUMBER for BAND4_JPEG_EXIST precheck message
    BUG-35898251 - Include user VECSYS as part of Oracle's reserved users
    BUG-36122220 - Validate Oracle Database editions

Change in behavior
                attribute of LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_# parameter will be ignored and desupported
    AUPG-3556 - Remove WALLET_ROOT check when converting database to a PDB
    AUPG-3278 - AutoUpgrade now defaults patching to run in normal mode
                patch_in_upgrade_mode=YES will revert this behavior
    AUPG-3669 - Disable SC_QI_DBA_DIRECTORIES check until redesign specifically
                or out-of-place patching
    BUG-35566068 - AutoUpgrade on RAC now honors the role assignment of
                   the service when opening the pdbs
    BUG-32047852 - Added CTX_SHADOW_INDEX check verifies Oracle Text (CONTEXT)
                   shadow indexes are not present before upgrading to 23c
    BUG-32805981 - Added PERMIT_92_WRAP_FORMAT check as this initialization
                   parameter is deprecated in 21
    BUG-33963753 - Added LCTR_REMOVE check Oracle Locator (LCTR) will be removed on
                   upgrade and Oracle Spatial (SDO) will be installed instead in 23c
    BUG-34210203 - Added UNIFIED_AUDIT_ON check as traditional audit has been deprecated
                   since release 21c, is desupported starting with Release 23c
    BUG-35009706 - Added OLS_OID_CONFIGURED check, starting with 23c, Oracle Label
                   Security (OLS) should not be configured using Oracle Internet
                   Directory (OID) since the feature is being desupported
    BUG-35015333 - Added LCTR_SDO_CHECK check for the existence of locator objects
                   exist in MDSYS schema and Oracle Spatial (SDO) is not installed
                   yet, then SDO will be installed during the database upgrade to 23c
    BUG-35165189 - Added TDE_PKI_MK_IN_USE check for 23c, the use of PKI-based
                   master key as the TDE master key is not supported
    BUG-35165337 - Added TDE_TSENC_NON_AES_FIPS_IN_USE check verifying the use of
                   non-AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithms for tablespace
                   encryption is not supported in FIPS mode for 23c
    BUG-35165412 - Added TDE_COLENC_NON_AES_FIPS_IN_USE check verifying the use of non-AES
                   (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithms for column encryption
                   is not supported in FIPS mode for 23c
    BUG-35165462 - Added TDE_COLENC_SEED_GOST_IN_USE check to verify the use of SEED and GOST
                   algorithms for column encryption is not supported in 23c
    BUG-35165494 - Added TDE_WALLET_ROOT_NOT_IN_USE Check for Transparent Data
                   Encryption (TDE) configuration requires use of initialization
                   parameters WALLET_ROOT and TDE_CONFIGURATION. sqlnet.ora parameter
                   ENCRYPTION_WALLET_LOCATION is desupported in 23c
    BUG-35219675 - Added EM_EXPRESS_PRESENT check to verify Enterprise Manager Database Express is
                   no longer present. Any EM Express specific files and objects will removed
                   from your database during the upgrade to 23c
    BUG-35510222 - Added BAND4_JPEG_EXIST check to detect JPEG compression
                    and decompression which cannot be applied on 4-band raster
                   blocks of a GeoRaster object for 23c.


Added Checks

    AUPG-2829 - DBLINK_ISVALID Check validates that every cloned PDB will have a properly configured dblink
    AUPG-2874 - COMPATIBLE_STANDBY check for both the primary and standby
                       databases to ensure they are the same
    AUPG-3216 - OLS_DEFAULT_AUDIT_POLICY check for ORA_OLS_AUDPOL is a reserved
                             name for an Oracle-defined unified audit policy
    AUPG-3373 - DICTIONARY_PROTECTED_OBJECTS check for objects present under
                             the DICTIONARY PROTECTED schema
    AUPG-3414 - UPDATE_SYS_DIRECTORIES check to update sys directories in
                        the target home after patching
    AUPG-3558 - OS_AUTHENTICATION check to verify source and target OS
                         authentication discrepancies
    BUG-35349721 - Include Data Pump cloud roles in the ORACLE_RESERVED_USERS check
    BUG-35418032 - DV_AUDIT_USED check to encourage customers to use
                              Unified Audit instead of Oracle Database Vault (DV)
                              Traditional Audit for auditing DV related activities in 23c
    BUG-35431458 - Include Graph roles to the ORACLE_RESERVED_USERS check
    BUG-35435649 - Remove File Group Objects from the ORACLE_RESERVED_USERS check
    BUG-35809523 - UNIAUD_CLI_SWP check for Unified Audit records stored in 
                              common logging infrastructure (CLI) SGA back-end tables should
                              be transferred to internal relational tables for better read
                              performance in 23c


Fixes added

    AUPG-2795 - Corrected unplug-relocate to take local pdb name in analyze mode
    AUPG-2800 - noncdbtopdb with relocation on the same system produced an error
                if the pdb list was not present
    AUPG-2805 - Timezone upgrade missing log file when reporting errors
    AUPG-3711 - Refreshable PDBs require a last refresh before stopping
    AUPG-3712 - NullPointer exception occurred when configuration file option
                upgradexml was set to NO
    AUPG-3722 - Autoupgrade on Windows does not detect the service in
                Korean and Portuguese languages
    AUPG-3746 - PDBs were in mount state instead of open state in a RAC cluster
    BUG-36265629 - PDBs are in the wrong state when validation if performed
    Bug-36326216 - SPFILE already in use when ASM is used and not registered in RAC


Kudos to the Upgrade Development Team!!


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