Welcome aboard at Oracle, Alex Zaballa

Our PM team is slowly growing – and I am so happy about our newest team member. Welcome aboard at Oracle, Alex Zaballa!

Now I think I need to start learning a bit more Portuguese. Rodrigo is located in Brazil, and Alex relocated a while ago to the US but is Brazilian as well. I am really excited to have another super-smart guy in our team helping us with upgrades, (cloud) migrations, patching, Cloud Migration Advisor and CPAT, and other cool things. Personally, I enjoy working with people who have such a deep knowledge a lot. It allows me to learn something new every day. It is like being pushed forward. No stand-sill. No rest. Tons of ideas. I love that. And I am grateful to be part of such an awesome team. But this is not about me.

So, let me introduce Alex a little bit more with his permission.


Who is Alex Zaballa?

Some of you may know Alex already. He was an Oracle ACE Director since 2015 but as part of joining Oracle one has to take down all the ACE attire.

Alex is originally from the south of Brazil from the city of Caxias do Sul – RS. It is the 2nd largest city in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and not too far away from Porto Alegre. That is actually a beautiful area, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting several customers in there and also seeing a bit of the back country, too. Alex is married and a proud father of two boys. In 2019 he moved with his family to the US and lives currently in Dallas, TX.

He has Oracle experience with our products since 23 years now. Early in his career he worked for 8 years in Luanda, Angola as a DBA for the Ministry of Finance. Later, he joined the Accenture-Enkitec Group and worked with the largest and most critical accounts globally. You may have met Alex already at one of the conferences such as Oracle Open World, Oracle Cloud World and various user group events since he loves to be on stage as well.

Alex loves to share his knowledge with colleagues, customers and everybody who is interested in Oracle tech. But his real “non-secret” hobby are certifications. Alex has an incredible amount of certifications, not only in the Oracle area but also for other clouds and technologies. Plus, Alex is also the core developer of mig360, an universal migration tool.

Alex has started writing his own blog you may want to bookmark it: alexzaballa.com


We are super-super-happy to have Alex in our team now, and we are looking forward to learn from him and develop new great things together!

Welcome aboard, Alex!!


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