DOAG 2023 Conference – our talks this year

Time flies so quickly – and I guess I wrote this phrase already plenty of times on the blog. It is already November, and just a few weeks until Christmas. And this year, DOAG conference in Nuernberg is again in November – which means: next week. So, let me give you a quick overview for DOAG 2023 Conference – our talks this year.

When, who, where?

At first, DOAG 2023 will happen from November 21-24, 2023 at the usual superb location in Nuernberg. You find all the details on the DOAG webpage. And of course, this is where you’ll find the registration details, too, in case you haven’t signed up for your ticket yet. DOAG is always one of the best conferences of the year with a massive program in the (I think) best conference location. Tuesday is the “theme” day with special lead topics such as “Upgrade / Migration”, “Security”, “APEX” and many others.

Wednesday and Thursday are the classical two conference days with a massive and thrilling agenda.

And finally, Friday is the education day.

This year, Daniel, Roy and myself will be presenting at DOAG. Find the topics and timing below.


Our talks – not only about upgrades

Of course, we all can talk for hours about upgrade, migrations and patching all day long. That’s not only our job but also our passion. But at some point, it is exciting if you get asked whether you’d like to speak about other topics, something which really triggers you but isn’t mentioned on the business card directly. And that’s what we’ll do this year.

Tuesday, Nov 21, 2023

  • 9:00h – OSLO
    Move to Oracle Database 23c – CDB-architecture migration on auto-pilot
    Daniel Overby Hansen and Mike Dietrich

    The title says it all. We have a wild mix of Oracle Database 23c, upgrade and migration to it, efficiently, and of course something about Release Management, underscore parameter surprises and more.

  • 12:00hOSLO
    Data Pump Best Practices, Secrets and Real World Scenarios
    Roy Swonger and Daniel Overby Hansen

    Well, this was one of the talks with the highest attendance numbers at Oracle Cloud World 2023 in Las Vegas. And it will guide you to new features, some (often unknown) best practices, well hidden secrets – and add a real world scenarios.


  • 14:00hKOPENHAGEN

    Blogging, the DSGVO / GDPR, pitfalls and nightmares
    Mike Dietrich and Philippe Fierens

    Do you have your own blog? Whether it is Oracle related or not does not really matter. We’ll give you a quick introduction into DS-GVO (or GDPR) but moreover would like to show you what you’ll have to do on your blog or webpage in order to GDPR compliant. And what can happen if you don’t. We aren’t lawyers, and we won’t give legal advice. But we may be able to highlight some things you are potentially not aware of.

Wednesday, Nov 22, 2023

  • 11:00hSINGAPUR
    How Artificial Intelligence Will Make You a Better Cloud DBA
    Roy Swonger

    Everybody speaks about AI. And there are good and bad things, frightening and exciting aspects. But what does it mean for a DBA? Will the machines take over? Or is this just a hype?

  • 13:00hHONGKONG
    Der DBA zwischen natürlicher und künstlicher Intelligenz – Zukunft des DBA
    Christian Trieb with Mike Dietrich, Andre Lünsmann, Raphael Salguero and Oliver Pyka 

    This is a panel discussion so we want you to attend, and discuss with us.

  • 14:00hTOKIO
    Out-of-place Patching Automation – the answer to almost everything
    Philippe Fierens and Mike Dietrich

    An unbelievably high number of DBAs and DevOps people still patch in place. And sometimes our tooling does not even allow you to choose. But why is in-place patching so dangerous? And how much sweeter could OOP patching be? Trust us, it is far more simple than you think. And sooooo much better and easier. We’ll guide you through the basics, but then also the full automation with FPP.

  • 17:30hTOKIO
    Rente ist keine Option – oder: Warum die Zukunft den DBAs gehört
    Martin Peck und Mike Dietrich

    As you see, this talk will be in German and Austrian. Two elderly guys will talk on stage about YOU, and why the future is all yours. Despite rumors that DBAs will become obsolete, replaced by AI, become extinct like dinosaurs. Have seat, relax – and enjoy.

While I put the list of talks together, I realized that especially Wednesday will be a very busy day for us. But I look so much forward to the talks, and the collaboration with Philippe Fierens from the MAA Product Management team, and especially my session together with Martin Peck from Vienna, one of the presales leaders in EMEA and the country manager of Oracle Austria.

CU soon!


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