Oracle Database 19c is certified on OL9 and RHEL9

I know, many of you were asking several times already about the certification of the Oracle Database on Oracle Linux 9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9. And originally I think an announcement was planned for Oracle Cloud World in Las Vegas. But certification mean that you really certify, and not just wave things through. We’ve done thorough testing, and some issues were found which needed to be fixed at first. Good news: Oracle Database 19c is certified on OL9 and RHEL9.

Certification Tab

You can check certifications quickly on MyOracle Support by yourself. Please use the CERTIFICATIONS tab, then choose:

  • Product: Oracle Database
  • Release:
  • Platform: Linux x86-64 Oracle Linux 9

And then you will get:

Oracle Database 19c is certified on OL9 and RHEL9

Or you access the above directly with this link.


The fine print

Please do click always at the tiny link below the certification information saying “See Certification Details for Notes and Support Information”. This will then display the fine print you should be aware of.

There is a minimum RU: 19.19.0. That is important to mention. And there are minimum kernel versions you need to settle on at least:

  • Oracle Linux 9 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 7: 5.15.0- or later,
  • Oracle Linux 9 with the Red Hat Compatible kernel: 5.14.0- or later

For ACFS please refer to ACFS Supported on OS Platforms for Oracle ACFS certification details (MOS Note: 1369107.1)

As far as I see, the certification does not apply to Oracle Database 21c.

The Oracle Database 19c Installation Guide for Linux contains the information already, too. And thanks to Rebacca from HP pointing me to the Oracle Linux KVM User’s Guide being updated as well.


OEM Agent and ACFS

Thanks for asking questions. I learn a lot, and the internal teams learn also about your requirements.

Andreas did ask straight away for the OEM Agent support. And the EM team replied at speed of light that they are in the process to certify OEM Agent 13.5.0 on OL9 / RHEL9. If I don’t forget, I will update the blog post as soon as I hear about the certification.

Update: June 2, 2024

Thanks to Andreas and Samatha, I learned that EM agent is now certified with OL9 from 13.5.0 onward.

Please see:
MOS Note: 2978593.1 – EM 13c: Is Agent 13.5 Certified on RHEL 9/OL9?)


Zarko did quickly realize that MOS Note: 1369107.1 – ACFS and AFD Support On OS Platforms (Certification Matrix) misses the information about OL9/RHEL9 either. The ACFS team replied super-quickly as well and pointed me to the yellow box titled Note 1 – ACFS support for new OS updates. It has a line for the Enh 35697907 – 19C BUILD OL9.0 RHCK COMPATIBLE ACFS, AFD MODULES (5.14.0-284.11.1 AND 5.15.0-0.30.19). But since this is non-public I can tell you that you need to wait for the RU 19.22.0 in January 2024 for the ACFS and related component support in OL9/RHEL9.


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