September 2023 version of AutoUpgrade is available

It’s time again – and the new September 2023 version of AutoUpgrade is available for download to you.

Where to download it?

As usual, the MOS Note: 2485457.1 offers you access to the new release, and to the previous versions of the tool as well. This new version will show the following version information:

java -jar autoupgrade.jar -version

build.version 23.4.230921 2023/09/21 14:43:05 -0400
build.hash 165be072
build.hash_date 2023/09/21 13:05:52 -0400
build.supported_target_versions 12.2,18,19,21
build.type production
build.label (HEAD, tag: v23.4, origin/stable_devel, stable_devel)

This version will be also included in the Jan 2024 RU, 19.22.0, but not in the October 2023 one due to code freeze constraints. For you, this means you should update the AutoUpgrade tool in ?/rdbms/admin in your current and new homes please.


What is changing, what’s improved?

There are no new features this time but added checks and fixes.

New Features 

  • None


  • None

Change in behavior 

  • BUG-35575340 – AutoUpgrade now defaults to classic upgrade instead of replay upgrade.  This effects only upgrades coming from 21. The catctl_options (-t) is no longer supported. Use configuration parameter
    • replay = (yes | no) instead.
  • BUG-35592200 – Pick up the latest data dictionary health checks package was renamed from DBMS_HCHECK TO DBMS_DICTIONARY_CHECK

Added Checks

  • BUG-35587118 – TARGET_CDB_COMPATIBILITY check not displaying warning plug in violations to users


  • AUPG-2976 – NullPointerException in JSON file creation
  • AUPG-3465 – PARAM_VALUES_IN_MEM_ONLY check not behaving as expected in RAC databases
  • BUG-34536467 – RAC on windows was failing when DBUA invoked the AutoUpgrade jar file
  • BUG-35700241 – Analyze fails for the DISK_SPACE_FOR_RECOVERY_AREA check when a Oracle RAC database is not registered with srvcrtl
  • BUG-35810043 – FAST_DEPLOY did not detect when the Prefixups where not run

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