In-person Upgrade Workshops in Brussels and Utrecht

For a long time we haven’t met in person I guess. But I know very well that the audiences in Brussels, Belgium, and Utrecht, Netherlands, are very active. And it’s actually the best to meet for In-person Upgrade Workshops in Brussels and Utrecht in October – not via zoom 🙂 And this is your change to sign up if you haven’t already.

When will it happen?

Very simple – and you are just one click away:

Both events will start at 9:00h with the registration. And Daniel and I will take off together with you from 9:30h on. The workshops will happen in the Oracle offices.

Please note:
This will be a LIVE IN-PERSON event, not a remote session. So you either attend in person physically, or you can’t participate.


What can you expect?

This will be a full day of slides and demos spanning from upgrade to Oracle Database 23c to migrations to performance stability to tips/tricks/underscores – and will end with a round-trip of useful cherry-picked 23c new features making your lives easier.

This is the full agenda for both events (and currently, the event in Utrecht misses the final part – we’ll get this fixed):

In-person Upgrade Workshops in Brussels and Utrecht

So, we are looking forward to see you in two weeks – and please show up when you registered (or release your seat to others – we have really limited space available).


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