ORAdiff is live – compare two Oracle Database and Patch releases

Did you ever wanted to find out the differences between two Oracle database releases? Today, I am super-super excited. Especially, since this was a long journey. And I have to thank our entire team,  Rodrigo especially but also Bill and all the others working and helping here. THIS is the tool many of you have looking for since years. It is time now, ORAdiff is live – compare two Oracle Database and Patch releases.

ORAdiff is live - compare two Oracle Database and Patch releases

What is ORAdiff?

This tool is made for you. It allows you to compare two Oracle releases to each other. And not only core releases but also patch levels with or without OJVM for those of you who have a Support contract. You will logon with your Oracle SSO user. And then you can start compare releases, e.g. 19.16.0 to 19.20.0.

Historically, the tool’s idea started from Rodrigo’s efforts on his blog dissecting Oracle patch releases. But that is a lot of information – and it was hard to compare things to each other. The idea got born to put this into an APEX app which allows access to almost everything, and find out about changes in between two Oracle (patch) releases. Especially Rodrigo put a ton of work into this – and we at Oracle use it internally already for a while.

Further down in this blog post I give you some typical examples. But there is much more you can do for sure.


Where do you start?

Simply access


– then logon with your SSO user. That’s it.

In addition, you will find a new tile in the What’s New page in the Oracle Database documentation soon.


What can you do with it?

Let me describe some typical scenarios.

Is this patch included in an RU?

This is a question I get at least once per week. And ORAdiff has the answer quickly for you. Just today I looked up for a customer whether 34910877 will be included in 19.20.0 since Support diagnosed this as the root cause for an issue.

Go to: INCLUDED FIXES ==> SEARCH FIXES and input the bug number, in my case: 34910877. Then hit RETURN. And there you go:

ORAdiff is live - compare two Oracle Database and Patch releases

Good news, this fix is included in 19.20.0. And since RUs are cumulative, it will be in all future RUs for 19c as well.

Do privileges disappear? Or are there any new ones?

Another common question (and sometimes, pitfall) are privs disappearing, sometimes for security reasons. Ask ORAdiff, it will tell you.

Choose PRIVILEGES ==> SYSTEM PRIVILEGES. Then as next step choose your source and your target release, for instance 19.16.0 and 19.20.0 as you see below in the screen shot. And you will see by default System Privileges added. See also the source where this is coming from: DBA_SYS_PRIVS.

ORAdiff is live - compare two Oracle Database and Patch releases

But that’s the privileges being added. But are there any removed?

Click on the “Removed” tab next to “Added” – and you will see that no privs got removed.

Any new parameters?

And what is the most often asked question you are having? Any new parameters with the new patch release. Let us just change to another menu item, PARAMETERS ==> INITIALIZATION PARAMETERS. Please recognized that your releases chosen before stay. You don’t have to adjust this.

Now click on the new parameter listed, xml_handling_of_invalid_chars, and it takes you directly to the Oracle documentation.

And there is so much more to query and play with.

Start and let us know what you think.


Will it get refreshed automatically?

Rodrigo automated almost everything. But since this is hosted in an enclosed environment in Oracle Autonomous Database, please expect a few days after a release update or patch bundle gets published until it is visible to you. No need to open an SR – we just need to wait for the official release to be available before we can do the magic.


Will it be extended?

Yes, this is not the end of the story. We plan to load also 9i and 10g information into the system as soon as time allows. And gradually, we may also add some new features. So please stay tuned and watch out on our blogs for news about ORAdiff.

Kudos and thanks a lot to Rodrigo and the entire team!!


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