June 2023 version of AutoUpgrade is available

It’s time to exchange your AutoUpgrade tools with the most recent one when you plan to do upgrades or use it for patching already. The June 2023 version of AutoUpgrade is available for download from MOS Note:2485457.1. And in case you are still using DBUA for unknown reasons, please read this blog post, too.

Where to download?

As usual, please download the newest version of AutoUpgrade via MOS Note:2485457.1 – Download AutoUpgrade.

June 2023 version of AutoUpgrade is available

What does this version improve?

New Features

  • BUG-34010941 – Incorparated the Health check package to identify database dictionary inconsistencies


  • AUPG-3183 – Add a message to proceed with deploy mode for nonCDB to PDB same version when running in analyze mode
  • AUPG-3311 – Added the option lsjNoConsoleTimer in the settings configuration which modifies the interval used in the lsj command when AutoUpgrade is running in noconsole mode.

Change in behavior


Added Checks

  • AUPG-3211 – Add Check SC_QI_DBA_DIRECTORIES to check if Queryable inventory directories are defined properly in the database and in the environment.
  • AUPG-3241 – Add Check SC_CENTRAL_INVENTORY to make sure that Oracle Home is properly registered in the inventory
  • AUPG-3348 – Add Check MINING_MODEL_NON_EDITIONED. Data mining model objects do not support Oracle Edition-Based Redefinition
  • AUPG-3251 – Add Check SC_QI_LOCKS to make sure that Queryable Inventory is not locked

Bugs fixed

  • AUPG-3294 – Source Orabase cannot be resolved if the ORACLE_HOME is not indicated as a local entry. Improved error message to clarify the issue
  • AUPG-3305 – SR 3-32241333811: Fixed a problem causing AutoUpgrade not to work properly during deploy mode on the Zlinux operating system
  • AUPG-3306 – With distributed upgrades, post fixup errors were not reported
  • AUPG-3328 – Fix check PARAM_VALUES_IN_MEM_ONLY to parse properly on Windows platform when looking for init.ora in the alert log
  • AUPG-3340 – Calculation is not always correct when calculating disk space recovery area specifically for Flex and Extended ASM disks
  • AUPG-3400 – Global actions wer not run
  • BUG-35471075 – Fix check TWO_PC_TXN_EXIST Check to list the correct MOS note



The new AutoUpgrade from June 2023 has not as many changes as the previous version from March but still some really useful improvements as well as fixes. As usual, we tested the tool to the bones on all available platforms. But we are only humans. In case something is not working as expected, please open an SR and upload the necessary logs collected with:

java -jar autoupgrade.jar -config myconfig.cfg -zip

to the SR. And you may want to add an opatch lsinventory output as well.

Time to download the new version of AutoUpgrade from MOS Note:2485457.1.


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