Virtual Classroom Seminar 17: From SR to Patch

This is your chance to sign up to our Virtual Classroom Seminar 17: From SR to Patch – Insights into the Oracle Database Development process. It will happen Thursday, June 22 at 16:00h CET. As usual, this is free of charge. It is your unique chance to get insights into our database development process. We lift the curtain for a bit, and tell you what’s happening behind the scenes. Don’t miss this chance.

Why and how register?

This is the seminar telling you what happens behind the scenes. We will tell you about automation, why your fix is not included in the next Release Update – and how you can request an inclusion. In addition, we will discuss Oracle on Windows and on other platforms, we will show you what the MAIN codeline is – and why you need to request a backport or a merge, and we we desperately need your opatch lsinventory.

This is the registration link: REGISTER HERE

So hurry since the seminar will be on Thursday, June 20 – this week at 16:00h CET (which will be 10am EDT).

If the Register Now tab does not show up, please use another browser. Sometimes this happens when you have plugins installed protecting you from tracking and other things.

Virtual Classroom Seminar: From SR to Patch

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Will we share slides and the video?

Of course, you’ll be able to download the slides – and usually a week after the event, you’ll get access to the on-demand recording, too. But you will miss the opportunity to discuss the topic with us during the event. Hence, it is much better to attend live rather than watching just the recording.

Register NOW!!

And we are looking forward to talk to you soon!


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