Patch Download Assistant has now MRPs as well

You gave feedback – we discussed it, and Muthu implemented it right away. This will be a shorter blog post about one of our most favorite MOS notes, MOS Note: 2118136.2 since the Patch Download Assistant has now MRPs as well.

What is the Download Assistant all about?

We call MOS Note: 2118136.2 – Assistant: Download Reference for Oracle Database/GI Update, Revision, PSU, SPU(CPU), Bundle Patches, Patchsets and Base Releases one of our top 5 MOS notes because it is so handy. You need to download an RU? 3 clicks later you download it. You need a Windows Bundle Patch? There you go.

But one thing was missing: We promoted the Monthly Recommended Patches, the MRPs. But you were giving feedback through the blog asking why we don’t include them into this super-useful MOS note.

We discussed it internally, and Muthu, the author and owner of MOS Note: 2118136.2 just added it as a separate selection button:

Patch Download Assistant has now MRPs as well

When you click there, you will get access to the currently available MRPs. Since we don’t produce 19.17.0 MRPs anymore, we decided to not list them here. And as you may have read on the blog there were some evolutionary changes in the packaging.

Patch Download Assistant has now MRPs as well


Other changes?

We added just a few cosmetic changes in addition such as a rename of some selection tabs plus the marking of RURs being discontinued since April 2023.


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