March 2023 release of AutoUpgrade is available

It’s download time again. So please refresh the AutoUpgrade release you are using with the new one since the March 2023 release of AutoUpgrade is available now for download.

Where to download?

As usual, please download the newest version of AutoUpgrade via MOS Note:2485457.1 – Download AutoUpgrade.

March 2023 release of AutoUpgrade is available


What does this version improve?

A lot.

Really, a lot of things got improved.

You’ll find the change.log for tracking purposes at the bottom of the note. I’d wish everybody would do such a transparent change tracking as the AutoUpgrade team does. This makes your life hopefully much easier. And as usual, we kept the previous versions of AutoUpgrade at the bottom of the MOS Note:2485457.1 as well … just in case … 🙂

At first, the new release greets you as 23c. You may guess why that is – and as from day 1 of AutoUpgrade, you will need only ONE SINGLE AUTOUPGRADE for all your upgrades. So fetch the newest one, and it will upgrade everything from to 23c.

AutoUpgrade will greet you with:

java -jar autoupgrade.jar -version

build.version 23.1.230224 2023/02/24 14:53:24 -0500
build.hash a1e2990e
build.hash_date 2023/02/24 14:44:39 -0500
build.supported_target_versions 12.2,18,19,21
build.type production
build.label (HEAD, tag: v23.1, origin/stable_devel, stable_devel)
32 bug fixes since v22.5 release
Tag: V23.1
Description: This is the release for 23.1 on MOS

New Features

  • AUPG-3055 – Support RU Patching for Windows platform
  • AUPG-3155 – Patching support for Monthly Recommended Patches and same version Oracle Homes
  • AUPG-3190 – Support Datapatch checks in AutoUpgrade. See checks below that start with SC_


  • AUPG-1430 – Allow DBA to ignore certain upgrade and datapatch errors
  • AUPG-2644 – AutoUpgrade to recompile only invalid objects owned by Oracle-maintained users
  • AUPG-2083 – Move or copy Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC files from source home to target home

Behavior changes

  • AUPG-3155 – timezone_upg configuration parameter defaults to NO for RU patching
  • AUPG-3144 – Stop & Disable non-CDB Resource when using refreshable clones
  • BUG-34802929 – Timezone is not upgraded when moving a Database from 19.3 with timezone version 32 installed and patching to 19.16 RU with
    timezone version 39 installed. AutoUpgrade will now dynamically figure out the Timezone version at runtime and install the lastest timezone files found in the target home

Additonal command option

The Autoupgrade listchecks parameter generates descriptions of all of the checks AutoUpgrade performs for both upgrade and patching.

java -jar autoupgrade.jar -listchecks

Additionally added checks

  • AUPG-2475 – Add check PARAM_VALUES_IN_MEM_ONLY to validate memory and pfile/spfile parameters are in sync
  • AUPG-3090 – Add check PREVENT_EMPTY_DATAPATCH_DIRECTORY_ERROR by copying patch directories from the source home to the target home
  • AUPG-3095 – Add check PATCH_33557344_INSTALLED to check if patch 33557344 is installed
  • AUPG-3151 – Add check SC_GUARDIUM checks for Guardium security software enabled
    • Add check SC_IMPERVA checks for Imperva security software enabled
    • Add check SC_LOCALE checks environmental variables LC_ALL and LC_CTYPE are correctly set
    • Add check SC_OPTIM_UPGRADE_PARAM checks for parameter _optim_dict_stats_at_db_cr_upg is set to TRUE
    • Add check SC_DATAPUMP_RUNNING checks for any running Data Pump jobs
  • AUPG-3164 – Add check DISK_SPACE_FOR_LOGGING which calculates the amount of disk space required to run the AutoUpgrade jobs
  • AUPG-3172 – Add check SC_GG_LOGMINER_TRIGGERS to warn about enabled GoldenGate and LogMiner triggers
  • AUPG-3180 – Add check SC_BACKUP_JOBS to warn about running RMAN jobs
  • AUPG-3186 – Add check SC_SCHEDULE_JOBS to warn about having jobs in execution or scheduled in the next hour
  • AUPG-3190 – Add check SC_SYS_PUBLIC_GRANTS to check if schema SYS objects have the correct grants
  • AUPG-3191 – Add check MAX_STRING_SIZE_ON_DB to stop a plugin for MAX_STRING_SIZE where the source contains extended MAX_STRING_SIZE and the target cdb contains standard MAX_STRING_SIZE
  • AUPG-3197 – Add check SC_STATS_GATHERING to warn about statistics gathering running in the database
  • AUPG-3244 – Add check TBLSPACE_FLASHBACK_OFF Flashback is not possible if at least one tablespace in the database has flashback disabled

Fixes included

  • AUPG-3161 – Preserve oratab entry when remove_rac_config is set to no
  • AUPG-3162 – In a check action/rule/broken rule that has text and a table, only the table is displayed in status.html
  • AUPG-3168 – Checks with RunScope DATAPATCH must run only for RU Patching scenarios
  • AUPG-3209 – Noncdbtopdb same version was not executing before and after Actions
  • AUPG-3194 – AutoUpgrade version check does not work as expected
  • AUPG-3219 – The network files are not being merged for Noncdbtopdb, Unplug-Plug, and Unplug relocate on the same system
  • AUPG-3248 – Increase threshold to trigger MIN_RECOVERY_AREA_SIZE check
  • AUPG-3249 – keystore directory being incorrectly identified as a subdirectory of global logging directory
  • AUPG-3254 – Add build label to -version output
  • BUG-34661883 – AutoUpgrade to execute dbms_stats.gather_schema_stats() with force set to true
  • BUG-34082156 – TABLESPACE_INFO check does not warn that autoextensible tablespace’s maxbytes could be exceeded during upgrade
  • BUG-34904206 – AutoUpgrade fails with prefix source_home not defined when target_home is defined globally for unplug-relocate



The new AutoUpgrade 23c build has not only a lot of improvements but also some important changes. And of course, we fixed some open issues. As usual, we tested the tool to the bones on all available platforms. But we are only humans. In case something is not working as expected, please open an SR and upload the necessary logs collected with:

java -jar autoupgrade.jar -config myconfig.cfg -zip

to the SR. And you may want to add an opatch lsinventory output as well.

Time to download the new version of AutoUpgrade from MOS Note:2485457.1.



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