Data Pump Bundle Patches: You may need to download and apply again

The Data Pump Bundle Patches get released on top of every RU since over a year now. But a real issue with missing files got detected recently. So in case you had applied Data Pump Bundle Patches: You may need to download and apply again.


What is in the Data Pump Bundle Patch?

The Data Pump Bundle Patch is a convenient and very useful vehicle to apply Data Pump patches which are usually not included in a Release Update (RU). While RUs are per definitionem RAC-rolling and Standby-First, the Data Pump Bundle Patch can be applied online but the datapatch part is not RAC-rolling. It will change the DBMS_DATAPUMP and DBMS_METADATA packages. If you’d kick off datapatch on node 1 while somebody else would start Data Pump from node 2, it may result in an issue when you execute datapatch.

We are working on a convenient way to make those patch bundles rolling as well. But it isn’t as simple as it sounds.

In the last Data Pump Bundle Patch more than 70 fixes were bundled together. And it is recommended to apply them, especially when you use Data Pump at least from time to time. And this includes Transportable Tablespaces and the packages mentioned above as well.


How do you find the Data Pump Bundle Patches?

Finding the DPBPs is very simple. Just add MOS Note: 2819284.1 – Data Pump Recommended Proactive Patches For 19.10 and Above to your favorite notes.

It contains a table listing the Data Pump Bundle Patch on top of each release update since 19.10.0. And it gives you access to the list of included fixes.

Data Pump Bundle Patches: You may need to download and apply again


Why you may need to re-download and apply again?

A few weeks ago a customer logged and SR. And issue which was supposed to be fixed in the (I think to remember) 19.16.0 DPBP did still happen. Oracle Support started an investigation. And the customer was right.

After digging deeper a almost worst-case scenario became true. Most of the bundle patches since 19.14.0 missed several PLB files. So you basically need to re-download and apply the bundle again. The patch number did not change.

Since it has the same patch number, you really should remove the existing one if you downloaded a version before November 21, 2022. Check the file’s date in the patches’ /rdbms/admin directory. If it says Nov 21, all is good. If it is older, then please re-download, deinstall the existing one and apply it again.

You can find the information in this alert MOS Note: 2912069.1 – ALERT: Data Pump Bundle Patches (DPBPs) From 19.14.0 and on Are Missing Files. You may be tempted to just add the missing files and run datapatch again. But datapatch won’t do anything since it does not recognize a need to do anything.

This is the list of Data Pump Bundle Patches being affected by this issue and requiring re-download and re-apply unfortunately:

Data Pump Bundle Patches: You may need to download and apply again


What happens if you don’t do follow the advice?

At first, you may miss a fix being active which is supposed to be fixed. You’d not have all the patches in place which are supposed to be there. We can’t guarantee that everything works fine.

And we all know that this is a terrible situation. You’d expect patches to do what we released them for. We can just apologize for this inconvenience.

Support described the risk quite well in MOS Note: 2912069.1:

… since Data Pump will instead use the old versions of the files already in place, it may become unstable or have unpredictable behavior due to it using files that were never meant to work together.


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