Oracle Cloud World 2022 – Recap and Slides

This was a wonderful but very strenuous week, no doubt. Oracle Cloud World (OCW) 2022 happened in Las Vegas. New name, new city. And even though many agreed to prefer San Francisco with an Oracle Open World instead having such an event in Sin City, there were a lot of great things happening. So let me start my personal summary here, the Oracle Cloud World 2022 – Recap and Slides.

Oracle Cloud World 2022 - Recap and Slides

Our labs and talks

It was amazing to see you all in our 4 sessions, 4 labs and 2 lightning talks. Since the registration process was a bit obscure we weren’t sure about the interest in database technologies at OCW22. Or actually, we were pretty sure – and it felt very good to get a confirmation with all our talks being full or nearly at room capacity.

The rooms could have been a bit larger here and there, especially for our Upgrade and Migration Best Practices talk on October 18 where we had approx 50 people still waiting outside with no chance to get into the room. Standing is not allowed unfortunately.

In case you are looking for the slides, please find them here, ready for download.

And let me thank a few people here, at first our customers and partners who went with us on stage.

Upgrade and Migration Best Practices

Thomas Goop from Tradeware AG did a fantastic job explaining the 40+TB core banking system migration he completed off-AIX to Exadata with only 7.5 hours of downtime in our Upgrade and Migration Best Practices talk. Thank you, Thomas and the entire team of Tradeware AG.

Oracle Cloud World 2022 - Recap and Slides

AutoUpgrade 2.0

Then we’ve had the pleasure to have another customer from Switzerland with us on stage, Christian Marquardt from Züricher Kantonalbank (ZKB). Christian tested a new (and potentially one of the coolest features if you plan to move to Oracle Multitenant) with AutoUpgrade: Refreshable Clone PDBs. He added his experience, findings and success story to our AutoUpgrade 2.0 session. We are so happy to have Christian speaking with us. Thanks to Christian and the team of ZKB.

From SR to Patch

Our fun talk is the From SR to Patch – Insights into the Database Development Process. We could add this time the new MRPs (Monthly Recommended Patches) – and the will be a blog post about it later this week. It was good to have you there, and Daniel and I hope that we could really shed some light and explain some secrets you may have not been aware before.

Oracle Cloud World 2022 - Recap and Slides

Data Pump Deep Dive

For our session about Data Pump Deep Dive with Development we’ve had quite a challenge. Julian Dontcheff, the Global Database Lead at Accenture unfortunately was not able to travel to OCW22 at last minute. But luckily Alex Zaballa from Enkitec/Accenture was able to replace Julian. overnight. Alex crafted some slides about his experience with Data Pump – and he went with us on stage on Thursday, So thanks to Julian and Alex for making this possible.

Oracle Cloud World 2022 - Recap and Slides

The slides

In case you missed the download link for the slide decks, please find them here.

The labs

We delivered to Upgrade Hands-On Labs with our Live Labs Platform. Thanks to our onsite host, Kevin Lazarz and to the entire Livelabs Team. In case you’d like to do the lab again, please find it here – it is available on demand 24×7 at zero cost.

And the No Slides Zone Patching lab was an experiment. Rodrigo and Daniel had great fun, and you challenged them with your questions. Time flew very quickly. We truly hope to be able to run this setup again.


The good, the bad and …

It felt so good meeting with you. Speaking to customers is the essence of our job. We need your feedback, your insights, your challenging questions. When I watched our team at the upgrade booth or after the talks, it was pure fun to see all the energy vibes. If you didn’t know before, now you know: We were so happy to see you in Las Vegas. Many of you visited the upgrade booth in the so called Cloudworld Hub (which was the exhibition hall in the Venetian).

Of course there is always some room for improvement. Initially the event got advertised as running from Oct 16 till Oct 20 – and then it got cut back to Oct 17 to Oct 20 with Oct 17 a day for customer meetings and registration only but no sessions. We would have wished for another full day since as a result – with several hours of keynotes blocking out sessions – everything got really cramped into a very short harness.

Since Oracle Cloud World 2023 (OCW23) has been already announced for Sept 18-21, 2023 in Las Vegas I hope that it will be 4 full days then. This will make it a bit less tight in scheduling for all of us.

Well, and a bit more carpet in the exhibition hall would be great as well. All our voices were pretty much gone by Thursday since we had to talk against a noisy AC from the ceiling. Our booth was close to the ACE lounge – pretty cool because then you are surrounded by experts all the time.



I was a bit skeptical with a tech conference in Las Vegas which hasn’t even used the usual Oracle Open World brand. But we were all really happy to see and meet you out there in Nevada. The hotel was great, I think I’ve never had a larger hotel room anywhere else in the US before. It was amazing to see you in our sessions, meet foreigners and friends, customers and partners. I was constantly talking through all the days.

Please let’s keep in touch – and we hope to see you all soon again, or at least at Oracle Cloud World 2023 in Las Vegas again.

And thanks to our fantastic team as well. Staffing a booth full time, with 4 talks, 4 labs and 2 lightning sessions was a real challenge. Still, it was a great pleasure.




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