Oracle Cloud World 2022 – Database Upgrade and Patching Labs

Oh … it’s just a few weeks left until Oracle Cloud World 2022 will start on Oct 17, 2022 in Las Vegas. If you have some final doubts whether you should go or not, let me tell you that it’s like Oracle Open World just under a different name. And in a different place. But with the same cool people and many great talks. Take the chance to meet the developers, their managers and the product managers behind the features you daily use – or miss. We’ll be there – and this is YOUR chance now to sign up for our Oracle Cloud World 2022 – Database Upgrade and Patching Labs.

Oracle Cloud World 2022 - Database Upgrade and Patching Labs


What’s happening? And when?

This year at Oracle Cloud World we will run 3 labs.
Two Database Performance Stability and Upgrade labs, and one very special No Slides Zone – Database Patching Insights lab.

So if you are looking for something different, at least the latter is something you may want to sign up for. Don’t wait too long. Yesterday I saw the first stats since the schedule builder is available just for a few days. And seats “sell out” quickly.

We’ll run our Database Upgrade Lab called “Hitchhiker’s Guide for Upgrading to Oracle Database 19c” twice at OCW.

Please be aware – there was a change for the lab on Tuesday – it will now start at 4 p.m – it was scheduled at 3 p.m. before.

And either Rodrigo, Daniel or Roy will be with me on this day of course, too. Certainly, we (or actually: YOU) will do much more than just a simple upgrade. You will operate an application in Oracle, you will gather performance stats before the upgrade, then have AutoUpgrade upgrade it – and you’ll fix the performance issues afterwards. You can do this – trust us. We’ll give you the maximum learning experience for your daily tasks. But one important information is missing above:

You must bring your device, a laptop or a tablet with a keyboard.

The lab will be run in a browser – nothing needs to be installed. But if you show up without your own device, you can only watch us doing the lab.

So don’t wait too long – and sign up now for the Hitchhiker’s Upgrade Lab exercise.


Bored of slides by Thursday already?

If you think on Thursday: Now I have seen too many slides, and I didn’t travel to Las Vegas to type on my laptop to complete an upgrade, no worries – we have something really specia for you. Much better than hanging out at a way too expensive coffee store (coffee is set in italics for a reason).

No slides.

No typing.

No device needed.

Just you, and your questions.

And us.

This will be the No Slides Zone: Database Patching Insights


Buy one, get one for free!

It is a double-feature lab with no lab in the lab. Actually, we have lab environments to demonstrate stuff to you. But this is how it works. You come by, and you bring YOUR questions about database patching topics. We will answer them live but explain a lot more about the background, workarounds, secrets and much much more.

We ran such a lab already at two conferences this year, at AOUG in Vienna and at DOAG in Nuremberg – and it was a fantastic experience for all of us. We rely on you. This is YOUR time, so take the chance and sign up now for BOTH sessions No Slides Zone: Database Patching Insights.

Really take the chance, don’t miss it. We don’t know when we’ll be able to give such a session again in the US. Rodrigo and Daniel will be your session hosts, and I may sneak in as well. You won’t find many people in Oracle who know more about the patching topic then these guys, Pick their brains, and we promise: Your next patching experience will be a much smoother ride.

Oracle Cloud World 2022 - Database Upgrade and Patching Labs

Click on the picture to register and add it to your schedule – for this session please add it for both slots since it is a double-feature

And in case you didnn’t bring enough questions, we have a looooong list of topics we’d like to share and discuss with you.

Don’t miss it. This is a unique experience different from everything you experienced at conferences so far. Join us on Thursday, sit down and relax for 3 brutal hours of patching insights with the Database Upgrade, Migration and Patching PM team from Oracle’s Database Development org. No slides = lots of fun.


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