A new version of AutoUpgrade has been released

Yes, we did it again. A new version of AutoUpgrade has been released. With important fixes.

A new version of AutoUpgrade has been released

Download the May 2022 version

So it is time to update your AutoUpgrade and download the most recent version.

A new version of AutoUpgrade has been released

Changes / Fixes / Enhancements

As usual, we document the changes and fixes as well as the enhancements in the change log you’ll find in MOS.

At first, this is the new build:

build.version 22.3.220503
build.date 2022/05/03 11:55:20 -0400
build.hash 9e84e228
build.hash_date 2022/05/03 11:37:00 -0400
build.supported_target_versions 12.2,18,19,21
build.type production
20 bug fixes since v22.2 release
Tag: V22.3
Description: This is the release for 22.3 on MOS

And these are the enhancements:

AUPG-2795 - Corrected unplug-relocate to use the local pdb name in analyze mode
AUPG-2800 - Noncdbtopdb with relocation on the same system may produce error during analyze
AUPG-2811 - Use term "AutoUpgrade keystore" instead of "keystore"

There is only one behavior change:

AUPG-2815 - Runtime error in pre-check was not stopping deploy and the status was reported as success

And of course you can find also the list of fixes:

AUPG-2753 - Support SEPS when used with WALLET_ROOT
AUPG-2774 - setJobProtections failing intermittently due to ConcurrentModificationException
AUPG-2786 - TDE Password check failing unexpectedly when wallet has OPEN_NO_MASTER_KEY status
AUPG-2788 - Proactive fixups are not creating status files
AUPG-2791 - AutoUpgDrainActions does not handle rerunnable exceptions properly
AUPG-2793 - TARGET_CDB_COMPATIBILITY check failed due to no Container instance defined for the source noncdb in unplug/relocate
AUPG-2806 - Failing to copy wallets because wallet_location has "" in the path
AUPG-2812 - Enable local_undo on CDB upgrade fails because maximum db_files is reached
AUPG-2813 - AutoUpgrade now checks for any plugin violations leaving PDBs left in open restricted mode and reports them accordingly
AUPG-2817 - Wrong message printed when orabase utility fails
AUPG-2822 - Database is shutdown when running custom post actions scripts in RAC
AUPG-2848 - Pfile incorrectly written when had nested quotes and apostrophes
AUPG-2833 - OracleBaseEvaluator throws a NullPointerException when using -load_password
AUPG-2856 - Enable proactive fixups by default when distributed RAC is enabled and proactive fixups are not defined
BUG-34033745 - SOURCE_BASE is not taking effect in initial autoupgrade queries when ORACLE_BASE is set to a space
BUG-34075960 - AutoUpgrade failed with string index out of range and FILE_COPY option equal to NONE.


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