We are hiring … Developers and a Product Manager

Our team is growing – not only the Upgrade team but also the Data Pump team. And we have a challenging new project where we search developers for. So yes, We are hiring … Developers and a Product Manager.

Software Developer – Cloud Migration Analyzer

At first, we are looking mostly for skilled developers. We have a new challenging and interesting project which our VP, Roy Swonger, owns. And there we look at first for developers with either very good APEX skills but also database knowledge or people who are good in programming against databases with skills in automation, scripting, SQL, networks and Java. The tool we are developing already is a universal migration tool analyzing your current estate, and recommending the best migration strategies.

Sounds simple, right? But trust me, this is hilariously complex since you can have so many variation, road blocks, complexities and goals.

So if you are fluent in APEX and if you know databases (Oracle of course), if you even have some migration and cloud experience already, or if you are a scripting and automation expert with good SQL skills, this may be a good opportunity for you:

Currently the job is offered in the US only but we easily can open it for other regions, too.

Product Manager – Cloud Migration Analyzer

Then, for the same project, we are looking for a new Product Manager. As Product Manager for Cloud Migration Analyzer you will need at first Oracle database knowledge but also development experience. If you know a lot about GUIs, maybe APEX already, and if you can communicate very well and bring the various teams and stakeholders inside Oracle together, understand the requirements from customers and the field people, run beta programs with customers and feedback the experience to the development teams – in short, make the tool constantly better – then this may be your new challenge.

And I emphasize, you will need Oracle database as well as development and cloud knowledge. So please don’t feel misguided by the title “Product Manager” – we look for somebody with Oracle tech experience:

Software Developer – Data Pump

And last but not least, we are looking for new spirits and excellent developers for the Data Pump team. So if you want to build the next generation of the ultimate loading and unloading tool for the Oracle database, the universal Swiss army knife for all sorts of migrations, especially cloud migrations, then you should apply now as

And of course, all of these positions can be done remotely working from home as well. We are pretty flexible if you need flexibility.

Now it is time to apply – we are looking forward to receive your CV/resume and speak to you soon.


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