Virtual Classroom Seminar 13 Data Pump – Slides, Video and QA

Thanks a lot to everybody who tuned in last week to our Virtual Classroom Seminar #13: Data Pump Extreme – Deep Dive with Development. We’ve had almost 600 attendees, and many of you stayed for the two full hours. And let me tell you that this is just awesome since there are enough people who think that a session has to be just 30 minutes or less. And of course, no it is time to share: Virtual Classroom Seminar 13 Data Pump – Slides, Video and QA.

Virtual Classroom Seminar 13 Data Pump - Slides, Video and QA

Photo by Pim Chu on Unsplash

The slides

As usual, you can download the slides from this link:

The recording

If you missed the session, or if you want to watch it again or share it with colleagues, friends and family, please find the Episode 13 here:

The video on youtube has a descriptions which allows you to jump directly to the chapter you are interested in.

The QA

We compiled a document with all the questions and answer. In case you’d like to browse through it, please download it:

The next event

After a Virtual Classroom seminar is before the next Virtual Classroom seminar. As soon as we have the link, we will add it to the Events section of the blog. The next episode will happen on May 5, 2022. And based on your feedback, we’ll host it at 14:00h CET to have a more convenient slot for multiple time zones.

The topic will be:

  • AutoUpgrade 2.0 – New Features and Best Practices A new version of AutoUpgrade has been released. But this time it is a highly improved version with many new key features such as Patching, Refreshable Clone PDBs across different hosts, RAC Performance, REST APIs – and last but not least, complete TDE support. In addition we would like to share some truly Best Practices from the field and our own experience with you. AutoUpgrade is available for more than 3 years and used widely by the largest customers globally upgrading thousands of databases within weeks. We will share learnings from real world projects with you.



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