New AutoUpgrade version 20211115 (Nov 2021) available for download

Yesterday at DOAG conference I announced it already in our Upgrade and Migration Round Table – and just a few hours later my team mates made the New AutoUpgrade version 20211115 (Nov 2021) available for download.

How to download AutoUpgrade?

Always download the most recent version of AutoUpgrade via MOS Note: 2485457.1 – AutoUpgrade Tool.

Just click on this link in the MOS Note:AutoUpgrade Nov 2021

Why do you need a new version?

A good number of issues being logged to us via blogs, tweets, SRs and eMails can be solved with the current version of AutoUpgrade. So please check your installed version:

$ java -jar autoupgrade.jar -version

build.version 21.2.210721
build.hash 680914c 2021/07/21 11:14:54
build.max_target_version 21
build.supported_target_versions 12.2,18,19,21
build.type production

In this case, I will need to download the newer version since the is older than the newest one on MOS. Simply copy the downloaded version into your $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin directory and overwrite the previous version.

What’s new in the November 2021 version?

At the bottom of the MOS note you’ll find the change.log file listing all the enhancements, changes and fixes. In this case it lists:

build.hash 081e3f7
build.version 21.3.211115 2021/11/15 11:57:54
build.max_target_version 21
build.supported_target_versions 12.2,18,19,21
build.type production
23 bug fixes since v21.2 release
Tag: V21.3
Description: This is the release for 21.3 MOS

Change in behavior:

AUPG-2538 - Remove check AWR_DBIDS_PRESENT as problem is no longer valid
AUPG-2579 - Validate java version 8 is used when executing AutoUpgrade


AUPG-2581 - Added config option manage_standbys_clause to override standby=none
BUG-33418493 - Make sure CDB$ROOT is in normal mode when processing Pdbs

Added checks:

AUPG-2520 - Added noncdbtopdb KEYSTORE_CONFLICK check to validate wallet location


AUPG-2411 - Zip utility failing with NullPointerException error
AUPG-2426 - Incorrect message logged for user defined post upgrade action
AUPG-2435 - srvctl remove database -force switch is different for
AUPG-2436 - Autoupgrade was not copying the timezone files to all the RAC nodes
AUPG-2444 - RAC ssh commands fails due to an unexpected banner configured
AUPG-2450 - preupgrade postfixups option should not check for plug-in violations
AUPG-2465 - Exception raised when finding an unknown cause for plug-in violations 
AUPG-2473 - Additional logging added for customer support
AUPG-2478 - Ignore setting protection on files that have been deleted
AUPG-2509 - Exception on TARGET_CDB_COMPATIBILITY check if target Pdb name exists
AUPG-2521 - Windows TNS_ADMIN was being set to the wrong value
AUPG-2535 - Unable to skip a check
AUPG-2540 - NO_KEYSTORE_FILES check fails due to lack of sysdba privilege in asmcmd
AUPG-2541 - MIN_RECOVERY_AREA_SIZE check raises a NullPointerException
            if parameter not present in the during_upgrade pfile 
AUPG-2552 - Warning shown while querying the invalid object count
AUPG-2587 - Intermittent issue between mandatory_upgrade_changes/rlp_param check
AUPG-2585 - db_flash_cache_size can have multiple values SR 3-27598368991

Time to download the newest version of AutoUpgrade via MOS Note: 2485457.1!




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