Virtual Classroom Seminar: Fallback Is Your Insurance – on Nov 11, 2021

No worries, I haven’t become lazy recently. But the past weeks were more busy than anything I have experienced so far. And I had a full week off and enjoyed the silence and absence from blogs and cell phones and email in the mountains. But now I’m back – and surprise, surprise – this week on Thursday we’ll have our 11th Virtual Classroom Seminar: Fallback Is Your Insurance – on Nov 11, 2021.

Fallback Seminar

When will it happen?

Thursday, Nov 11, 2021 – 10:00h CET

What are we going to talk about?

Fallback and Rollback. How to secure your job. And why fallback and rollback are so important.

You don’t believe us? Trust me, I have seen customers crying. When I started my career in Oracle in Support, Novell Netware was hip and sort-of trendy. If you need to google now what I’m talking about, you get a good sense how old I am and how young you are 🙂 Anyway, there was this fine feature on Netware called “Compressed Volumes”. Bad thing for Oracle: It fully corrupted your database. We had a customer loading the companies Novell server in the trunk of the car. And then he drove over 1000km across Germany. My colleague Thorsten Grambs tried to unload the leftover remains of the data with DUL – and he could save about 300 kB. You can imagine how the customer felt. And we felt so sorry with the guy since he needed also to drive back across Germany, and tell his boss what has happened.

This is why you need to register. Now!!

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Topics we will cover

  • Compatible
  • Time Zone
  • Rollback vs Fallback
  • Backups, Flashback, Downgrade, Data Pump, GoldenGate
  • Revert from a non-CDB to non-CDB upgrade or a CDB to CDB upgrade
    • With a standby in place
    • Of course, using a RAC database
  • Revert from a Multitenant migration from non-CDB to PDB
  • Revert from a PDB unplug / plug operation
  • How to practice


As usual, we will be there to take your questions live – and hopefully answer all of them.

You haven’t registered yet?

Will the video be available for on-demand viewing?

Yes, of course – please find it here: Youtube Database Upgrade Channel

You want more?

Here we go – you find our previous seminars here – and many many additional videos on our Youtube Channel.


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