How Low Can You Go? Zero Downtime Operations on Oct 21, 2021

No idea what you should do this week’s Thursday morning at 10:00h CET? No worries, I know what you should do. You’ll attend our 10th Virtual Classroom Seminar: How Low Can You Go? Zero Downtime Operations on Oct 21, 2021, part of our Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c series.

How Low Can You Go? Zero Downtime Operations

Virtual Classroom Seminars?

It will be the 10th Episode of our Virtual Classroom Seminar series. If you attend one or many before, you know that we don’t do marketing but transport only tech content. And always things we tried out by ourselves beforehand or used them already in many customer projects. So it’s first hand information and not something we just read on a unsocial media platform or on an aggregator blog platform.

If you still are unsure whether you should sign up, at first it doesn’t cost anything. And you check beforehand what style of seminars we’ll deliver:

How Low Can You Go? Zero Downtime Operations

Our story-line for this week will be something which may sound very familiar to some of you. You approach a database upgrade to Oracle Database 19c. But you have strict downtime requirements, most often dictated by the business. And your first test upgrade finishes in 4 hours 21 minutes. So what will you do now?

We will optimize your upgrade step by step.

And then we’ll show you the real “close to zero” downtime upgrade solutions. Not only on PowerPoint as this may be a bit to boring. But we’ll have demos, and much much more.

Finally we will show you some cool online operations in the database which may ease your daily life as a DBA or consultant quite a bit.


In case you are asking yourself now: Where do I have to sign?

No worries, no signature necessary. You just register via this link (feel free to register also to the 3 following seminars about Fallback, VLDB Migrations and Data Pump Internals. And we already have two seminars scheduled for Spring 2022 🙂

CU on Thursday, Oct 21, 2021, at 10:00h when Roy, Daniel, Rodrigo and I will talk about How Low Can You Go? Zero Downtime Operations.


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