New version of AutoUpgrade (21.2) is available for download

As we often tell you, our Upgrade Development team is working hard to ensure an agile release cycle for AutoUpgrade. And the New version of AutoUpgrade (21.2) is available for download.

How to download?

As usual, you can (and should) always download the most recent version of AutoUpgrade from this MOS Note: 2485457.1. Usually the tool gets refreshed every 6-8 weeks. And the version you will download is guaranteed newer than the one you could get on disk.

New version of AutoUpgrade (21.2) is available for download

The fact the tool has a 21c versioning does not affect 19c upgrades. There is not a different AutoUpgrade for each version but instead one for all supported databases upgrades.

java -jar autoupgrade.jar -version

build.hash 680914c
build.version 21.2.210721 2021/07/21 11:14:54
build.max_target_version 21
build.supported_target_versions 12.2,18,19,21
build.type production
25 bug fixes since v21.1.3 release
Tag: v21.2
Description: This is the release for 21.2 MOS

This time we release the 21.2 version.

What’s new?

At the end of MOS Note: 2485457.1 you always find the changelog file which lists all fixed bugs and the new features.

From the changelog you can see this list:

Change in behavior

  • AUPG-2216 – AutoUpgrade should fail when TimeZone upgrade fails
    An error is encountered in a TimeZome upgrade process during postfixups. The DBA resumes the AutoUpgrade, but AutoUpgrade does not resume at the TimeZone upgrade failure.
  • AUPG-2372 – Update AutoUpgade versioning format to YY.version.YYMMDD format
    AutoUgrade version scheme has changed to the following format.
    First two digits represent the year.
    The next two digits represent the version withing the year.
    The last 6 digits arethe year month and day that the AutoUpgrade binary was compiled.

    For Example:
    21.2.210721 Indicates second release in year 2021.
    21.3.211020 Indicates third release in year 2021.

    Once a new year begins the process starts over again.
    22.1.220131 Indicates first release in year 2022
    22.2.220420 Indicates second release in year 2022

  • AUPG-2380 – Compiler warnings occur when plsql_warnings=’ENABLE:SEVERE’ is set
    During upgrade, AutoUpgrade will set PLSQL_WARNINGS to the following:
    After upgrade, the original setting will remain untouched.


  • BUG-31724000 – Fast deploy allows prechecks/prefixups to run prior to deployment
    This feature enables DBA’s to run the prechecks and prefixups while the database is still online and then run deploy to complete the upgrade. Once the fixups have been run on the source database, DBA can then skip the prechecks and prefixup stages and proceed directly to the phases that follow for


    Database can be online:
    java -jar autoupgrade.jar -mode fixups -config yourconfig

    Upgrade time:
    java -jar autoupgrade.jar -mode upgrade -config yourconfig

    The -mode upgrade command proceeds directly to the phases that follow the prechecks and prefixups stages during deploy. The main goal of this feature is to reduce database downtime by running the fixups when your database is online and open for business and then skipping the fixups when your database is offline.

What’s fixed?

This is the list of fixes included in the 21.2 version of AutoUpgrade:

  • AUPG-2218 – NullPointerException when restoring after a failed upgrade on Windows
  • AUPG-2251 – Missing parallelism text for invalid_objects_exist message
  • AUPG-2254 – old_time_zone check incorrectly detecting a resume operation
  • AUPG-2264 – AutoUpgrade version not reported on the console when launched
  • AUPG-2275 – NO_KEYSTORE_FILES check fails when keystore files are in ASM
  • AUPG-2277 – Create plugin Pdb with standbys=none option avoiding recovery crash
  • AUPG-2279 – Incorrect tablespace size being reported by pre check
  • AUPG-2288 – Pdb creation fails in target CDB due to existing pdb dbid/guid collision
  • AUPG-2291 – Abort Job should only set status to aborted after job completes
  • AUPG-2295 – AutoUpgrade exit closes streams but existing jobs attempts to use them
  • AUPG-2298 – Refractor code for better manageability
  • AUPG-2358 – After restoration previous successful upgrades were skipped
  • Fixed application root clones not getting upgraded
  • AUPG-2363 – Do not open PDB$SEED in Read/Write for a physical standby database
  • AUPG-2384 – Autoupgrade fails starting instances on RAC One node
  • AUPG-2391 – Fast deploy does not execute correctly after restoration
  • AUPG-2401 – job_table_integrity fails with ORA-06502 string buffer too small
  • AUPG-2409 – Autoupgrade starts on a different node after restoration for RAC One
  • BUG-31412902 – Grand total upgrade time is incorrect after upgrade is resumed
  • BUG-32987735 – AutoUpgrade -zip options looks in wrong path to zip up a file
  • BUG-33085703 – Fast deploy status command shows deploy instead of upgrade mode

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Kudos to the Upgrade Development Team!


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