Upgrade to Oracle 19c on Exadata with AutoUpgrade

This will be a short but very important blog post for those of you with Exadata systems. Then you should Upgrade to Oracle 19c on Exadata with AutoUpgrade.

Why is this important?

Until a week ago, the database upgrade MyOracle Support (MOS) note showed the process using the DBUA. And we had plenty of customers asking us why AutoUpgrade isn’t mentioned there. Our team worked already with some of you, and we knew that AutoUpgrade works perfectly fine and takes over some manual actions.

But our MAA team wanted a perfect solution. They tested a lot, especially all the edge cases. And we learned that AutoUpgrade will need some improvements, especially when it comes to encryption. This was a great cross-team collaboration, and we need to thank Sebastian Alasino but also the entire MAA team for all the tests they have done.

So now it’s time to announce that MOS Note: 2542082.1 – 19c Grid Infrastructure and Database Upgrade steps for Exadata (Linux) has been changed significantly. Please use AutoUpgrade from now on for your upgrades to Oracle 19c on Exadata systems. It will make your upgrade experience much easier and smoother.

Some annotations

As the note states boldly, you please need to use at least AutoUpgrade 21.1.3.

The current version of AutoUpgrade while I’m writing this blog post is 21.1.4. You should always download the most recent version upfront from MOS Note: 2485457.1 and replace <Target Oracle Home>/rdbms/admin/autoupgrade.jar with the new version.

When you access MOS Note: 2542082.1 you need to make sure to follow the requirements such as (I’m copying from the note):

  1. Required Oracle Database version is one of the following:,,, or 18c.
  2. Required Oracle Grid Infrastructure version is one of the following:,,, or 18. Grid Infrastructure upgrades directly to 19 require additional steps. Review Document 2700151.1 before proceeding.
  3. Exadata version must be 19 or higher.
  4. Always upgrade Database and Grid Infrastructure to the latest 19c Release Update. See Document 888828.1 for details.
  5. The source and target Grid Infrastructure home and Database home may need fixes installed to perform successful upgrade. See section “Required Grid Infrastructure and Database Patches” below for details.
  6. Additional fixes may be required or recommended in addition to those needed to perform the upgrade. Details are in Document 888828.1. Refer to the “Prepare the Existing Environment” section for details.

And then you can start – if you haven’t upgraded to Oracle 19c already.

Thanks, Sebas!!

ExaCS and ExaCC?

Please see the top paragraph of MOS Note: 2542082.1:

This note should not be used for Exadata Cloud Service or Exadata Cloud at Customer, instead, please refer to Document 2624992.1 and Document 2628228.1 for further information.

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