New parameters and features in Oracle Database 19.11.0

As usual, as soon as I apply the newest RU, I do also a quick check for New parameters and defaults in Oracle Database 19.11.0.

New parameters and features in Oracle Database 19.11.0

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New Parameters in Oracle 19.11.0

Based on customer feedback, there is one really big improvement since this RU release. Not only new features but also parameter changes get listed. You will find them in the 19c New Features Guide.

In this RU you will find only 1 new parameter:

  • drcp_dedicated_opt
    The description says “Turn on/off dedicated optimization for DRCP” – and the default is “YES“.

If you’d like to learn more about Database Resident Connection Pooling, then please see the Administrator Guide 19c.

New Underscore Parameters in Oracle 19.11.0

I found 27 new underscore parameters in 19.11.0. Most of them are tied to an actual bug which is reflected in their name starting with _bug_ as well. I won’t list them here but there are queries available to find out more in case you are interested.

New Features in Oracle 19.11.0

As you know, since 19.10.0 there are occasional new features included in RUs as well. You will find a list in the 19c New Features Guide:

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