New Parameters in Oracle 19.10.0 – and a default change

Oracle Database 19.10.0, the January 2021 Release Update (RU), does seem to change some well known rules. Especially when you have a closer look to a backported feature, Blockchain Tables. But I will write a bit more about this change next week. For now, let’s have a closer look at New Parameters in Oracle 19.10.0 – and a default change.

New Parameters in Oracle 19.10.0

This is the list of new parameters in the January 2021 Release Update 19.10.0:

blockchain_table_max_no_drop maximum idle retention minutes for blockchain table NONE
container_data which containers should data be returned from? ALL
max_auth_servers Maximum size of auth pool 25
min_auth_servers Minimum size of auth pool 1
optimizer_real_time_statistics optimizer real time statistics on conventional DML FALSE

Interesting list for an RU. Just for comparison, between 19.8.0 and 19.9.0 you couldn’t find any new non-underscore parameter.

I added links to the parameter but at the time I’m writing this, only 2 of the 5 new parameters are documented in the 19c manuials. Once the missing parameters get added to the 19c documentation, I will add the links.

For now, you can rely on the 21c docs:

In addition, I found 17 new underscore parameters in Oracle 19.10.0. But most of them are related to bug fixes.

Real Time Statistics default change with Oracle 19.10.0

Daniel pointed me this week to our Optimizer Product Manager’s blog post, Nigel Bayliss wrote about a default change with Real Time Statistics.

The parameter optimizer_real_time_statistics is an Oracle 21c parameter which got backported to Oracle 19c for your convenience. Beforehand, you’d had to turn off Real Time Statistics with these underscore parameters:

  • _optimizer_use_stats_on_conventional_dml = FALSE
  • _optimizer_gather_stats_on_conventional_dml = FALSE

As Nigel wrote already, this is something only Exadata, ExaCC and ExaCS customers will need to be aware of. Real Time Statistics are not available on non-engineered systems and ODA. See the License Guide for further details:

New Parameters in Oracle 19.10.0 - and a default change

ORA-12638 since Oracle 19.10.0 on Windows only

Please see this blog post describing the problem and the solution when you use Oracle 19.10.0 (or newer) Release Update on the MS Windows platform:

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