No RURs for – and Oracle left Extended Support

Last week I blogged about the quarterly patching fun when applying the Release Updates to my environments. But I completely forget to mention and explain a few things. There are No RURs for – and Oracle left Extended Support.

No RURs for - and Oracle left Extended Support

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No Release Update Revisions for Oracle

Thanks to my friend Rodrigo Jorge who messaged me on the weekend. He goes way deeper with applying the quarterly patches and highlights the differences. And he recognized and blogged already about the fact that there are no RURs available for Oracle

And this is correct.

When you go to the Download Assistant, one of my favorite MOS Notes, 2118136.2 – Assistant: Download Reference for Oracle Database/GI Update, Revision, PSU, SPU(CPU), Bundle Patches, Patchsets and Base Releases, you quickly recognize that there are no RURs displayed anymore for Oracle

No RURs for - and Oracle left Extended Support

And as Rodrigo pointed out, MOS Note: 888.1 – Master Note for Database Proactive Patch Program has a more precise entry with a double asterisk and a footnote:

When you read my blog post about Limited Error Correction Support for Oracle a while ago, you may have recognized that only RUs (Release Updates) will be delivered containing Security fixes and Severity-1 bug fixes. So this is the explanation why there are no RURs anymore for Oracle I won’t miss them … but that is a different discussion.

Oracle Database left Extended Support

I think this is no news to anybody: Oracle Database left Extended Support on Jan 1, 2021. You had a maximum of 6 years of Extended Support – 4 of them got waived at no extra cost by Oracle. And still, there are customers on out there. Actually, there are a lot of databases still on

For those customers who still need bug fixing support for critical and security issues, you can get in touch with your Support Sales Rep and discuss Market Driven Support. For a more detailed description, please see the Technical Support Policy, page 29 and 30, which highlights what Oracle will deliver, and what is excluded.

In addition, only customers who have purchased MDS will get access to quarterly:

  • DB PSU
  • GI PSU

if they get released. Keep in mind that we skipped bundles in the past occasionally already if there was no security content.

Please be aware that these fixes don’t appear in the publicly available documents. If you have signed up for MDS, please get in touch with Support in case you don’t have access to the bundles.

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