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It took a while. And many of you asked whether we will run our Virtual Classroom Seminars we ran successfully for Australia and New Zealand in April and from June to now in EMEA for the US, Canada and South and Latin America time zones as well. And we do. It’s time to Sign up for the Upgrade 19c Virtual Classroom Seminars for the US, Canada and LAD.

Everything you need to know about Upgrade, Migration and Consolidation

When we ran these events especially for EMEA, a lot of colleagues asked us whether we can run them at a more convenient time zone for our customer on the other side of the Atlantic. And finally our Marketing team got involved and did all the hard work in the background which is necessary to prepare and run such events.

For now, we will schedule 6 web seminars from February – April 2021.

And we will try our best to cover all the necessary topics to make your upgrade, migration and/or consolidation project a success. We evolved the slides since last year. Now we have more demos, more examples – and more real world cases to talk about.

We won’t do any marketing.
We speak about facts – and if necessary, also about the pitfalls and downsides.

How do you register?

This is very simple. Just follow this Registration Page link and sign up.

That’s it.

Sign up for the Virtual Classroom Seminars for the US, Canada and LAD

What are the topics?

In summary, we will cover Release Strategy, Patching, Upgrade to Oracle 19c, Consolidation to Multitenant, Performance Stability, Migration Strategies and Move to the Cloud. Sounds like a lot – and it is a lot. But you can pick those you are interested it.

And we hope that the schedule starting at 10am Pacific Time will work well for all of you.

Feb 4, 2021 (10am-12pm PT) – Release Strategy and Patching Best Practices

We will start the series with an overview and outlook about the best release strategy for the next years. But when we talk about Release Strategy and Upgrades, the Patching topic is nearby as well. You’ll get deep insights and recommendations for database patch, OJVM, installation and patching in one pass. And of course tips and tricks about datapatch as well.

Feb 18, 2021 (10am-12pm PT) – Upgrade to Oracle 19c using AutoUpgrade

In the second Web Seminar we will cover database upgrade, of course with AutoUpgrade as this is the only recommended (and the most convenient) way to upgrade Oracle databases. We will start with a simple example but then cover all of the features which will give you a lot of control but at the end of the day make your upgrades a smooth experience. In addition, we will cover behavior changes as well were applicable. Lean back and enjoy!

Mar 4, 2021 (10am-12pm PT) – Performance Stability, Tips and Tricks and Underscores

Of course, what you fear the most are performance issues after the upgrade. A significantly slower report, a query misbehaving. So lets start with guidelines and a simple straight forward approach to ensure performance stability when you upgrade. We will cover performance tools as well as Tips and Tricks and – yes – Underscores. When we talk about “Performance”, we need to mention a few underscore parameters.

Mar 16, 2021 (10am-12pm PT) – Migration to the Multitenant Architecture

With Oracle 19c everybody can have 3 Pluggable Databases per CDB at no extra license cost. Even in Standard Edition 2 (SE2). But moving to Multitenant is a migration. You may need to take some additional things into account. There are a few pitfalls – and fallback works differently, too. Plus, what happens to your standby database? And how can you test everything? We could easily speak 3-4 hours about all these topics but we try to fit it into 120 minutes. Ah, one final thing. AutoUpgrade can do this migration for you – unattended and smoothly. Just watch our demos.

Mar 25, 2021 (10am-12pm PT) – Migration Strategies, Tips and Tricks and Insights

So far we talk about upgrades. But what if you want to migrate. With Data Pump? Or use just a physical standby as a migration vehicle? Or Oracle GoldenGate on top to decrease the downtime close to zero. Ah, you have a 120 TB database on a Big Endian platform and it should go to Linux with as little downtime as possible? No worries, we will show you how to do this. And I bet, we have some tips you haven’t seen before.

Apr 7, 2021 (10am-12pm PT) – Move to the Cloud – not only for Techies

And finally for this series, we will conclude with “Move to the Cloud – not only for Techies”. And no worries. We won’t do (did I say this already?) any sort of Cloud-marketing. We will show you the technical aspects. The coolest tools which can automate your move. We will load some Death Metal into Autonomous. And show you the differences between the different deployments. But strictly from a technical perspective. We know that you may have heard a lot about Cloud already – but we will show you how to migrate data smoothly into it.


This time at least Roy, Daniel and myself will speaking. Hence, no worries that you need to listen to one person throughout a full web seminar.

Sign up for the Virtual Classroom Seminars for the US, Canada and LAD

Sign up now – and we are looking forward to talk to you soon!



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