Download the newest AutoUpgrade for 19c and 21c upgrades

It’s out now and available since yesterday: AutoUpgrade 21c. Download the newest AutoUpgrade for 19c and 21c upgrades with many new features and improvements.

Download it!

This is the current version of AutoUpgrade:

build.hash 8ee6880
build.version 21.1.1 2020/12/14 14:41:34
build.max_target_version 21
build.supported_target_versions 12.2,18,19,21
build.type production
48 bug fixes since v21.0.0 release
Tag: v21.1.1
Description: This is the release for 21.1.1 MOS only

As usual, download it please from:

What’s new?

  • Non-CDB to PDB Upgrades
    • AutoUpgrade can upgrade and convert a non-CDB to a PDB in a new CDB in a single operation, or upgrade and then convert a Non-CDB database to a PDB in a pre-existing CDB
    • Support for RAC and SI databases
  • Unplug-plug upgrade
    • AutoUpgrade can perform an unplug of a pluggable database (PDB) from an earlier release source container database (CDB), plug it into a later release target CDB, and then complete all the steps required to upgrade the PDB to the target CDB release
  • Supports RAC upgrades (Only for Linux or Unix-based systems)
    • Configuration of the RAC management system in the source and target home is automated
    • Supports native file systems, ASM and ACFS
    • Oracle Restart
    • Pluggable databases are supported in a RAC environment
  • Ability to pass catctl_options (via config file)
    • This enables the DBA to control the level of parallelism for a specific upgrade.
  • Restore capability
    • AutoUpgrade restore job option allows the DBA to restore database back to source home if upgrade failed or succeeded
  • Clear the recovery for a specific job by adding clear_recovery_data on the command line and use jobs parameter to specific exactly which jobs recovery data must be cleared
  • Upgrades on Data Guard environments
    • AutoUpgrade can detect Oracle Data Guard configurations, and defer shipping logs to standby databases configured for the primary database. It will also detect and defer shipping logs to standby database if the deployment is configured manually. Upon a successfully upgrade of the primary database, upgrades to the standby database must be performed and monitored by the DBA
  • AutoUpgrade performance improvements
    • utlrp compilations moved out of upgrade into a post fixup
    • Improved resume operations: AutoUpgrade keeps track and skips over PDBs databases that have been upgraded successfully
    • Replay support was added for upgrades 21 or higher
  • AutoUpgrade supports upgrade on CDBs with proxy pdbs
  • AutoUpgrade supports upgrade on CDB’s with application containers
  • Added additional JSON status information
  • Integrated classic pre-upgrade functionality
    • The -preupgrade clause of AutoUpgrade replaces the functions previously performed by the manual Pre-Upgrade Information Tool (preupgrade.jar) in previous releases The -mode clause takes one of three values:
      • analyze: Check your system for readiness to upgrade
      • fixups: Perform fixups as needed on your source Oracle Database release in preparation for upgrade
      • postfixups: Perform fixups on your target Oracle Database release after upgrade is completed
      • Reports are identical to what the preupgrade.jar originally produced.
  • Starting Oracle Release 21c, Enterprise Manager, DBUA and ORAchk use AutoUpgrade to perform database upgrade readiness
  • Starting Oracle Release 21c, FPP performs database upgrades using AutoUpgrade
  • Enhanced management of databases using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

New fixes and enhancements

Wow – this list is very long. There are 5 enhancements and 43 fixes included in this version. Great work by the team!

As usual, you find the change.log listing all enhancements and fixes at the bottom of MOS Note: 2485457.1 as well as the previous versions of AutoUpgrade.


  • AUPG-1860 Improve upgrade resume speed
  • AUPG-1698 Use -zip option without a configuration file
  • BUG-31859859 Run approot_to_pdb.sql when plugging in an application root
  • BUG-31879931 Add utlrp compilations as a post fixup check
  • BUG-31902600 Support Proxy pdbs


  • AUPG-534 Remove invalid_objects_exist reference to dbms_preup fixup
  • AUPG-1234 Null pointer exception during Abort processing
  • AUPG-1522 Change error message so that DBA knows to specify target_version
  • AUPG-1593 Add Manage status support in RAC
  • AUPG-1739 Clearer message when DBA interaction is needed
  • AUPG-1823 Unclear where logs are located after running preupgrade
  • AUPG-1863 Remove the Fixup for post fixed objects statistics
  • AUPG-1874 On certain locales, the ORA errors are prefixed by a dot
  • AUPG-1895 Query fails for GRP after service has been dropped on Windows
  • AUPG-1905 Fix synonyms for timestamp mismatches and log any other issues
  • AUPG-1922 Fix locale problem when checking for FRA size
  • AUPG-1923 Incorrectly calculating number of pdbs to run together for Replay
  • AUPG-1924 Local undo conversion must be done in UPGRADE mode
  • AUPG-1938 Restore unplug is failing due to missing argument
  • AUPG-1939 Fix NullPointerException during startup
  • AUPG-1949 Default sample config file logging directory to cfgtoollogs
  • AUPG-1951 Add logging of the command line option
  • AUPG-1953 Better formatting of the preupgrade log file
  • AUPG-1957 Fix NullPointerException in NonClusterIntoCluster routine
  • AUPG-1958 Clearer message for achive_log_on check
  • AUPG-1959 Report generation identical to classic preupgrade
  • AUPG-1963 Checks deferred until upgrade are now run during fixup stage
  • AUPG-1967 Fix database trgowner_no_admndbtrg check for correct privilege
  • AUPG-1968 Always load dbmsjdev.sql in post_jvm_mitigat_patch fixup
  • AUPG-1970 XML content for tablespaces check is incorrect
  • AUPG-1972 Detect if an applied progress table needs recovery
  • AUPG-1973 Updated post_jvm_mitigat_patch action message
  • AUPG-1975 Preserve empty SPFILE parameters specified by customer
  • BUG_31694835 Restore is not setting back DataGuard original configuration
  • BUG-31729152 Add ASM management to the auto-login-wallet check
  • BUG-31795652 UTLRP is rerunning during resume after a successful upgrade
  • BUG-31817695 java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded
  • BUG-31869539 Validate file_name_convert option
  • BUG-31882635 Open PDBs on the other RAC instances
  • BUG-31936292 Support ACFS file systems
  • BUG-32067940 Use dbname when plugging into a container
  • BUG-32080126 Recompiles during post fixups consuming too much CPU
  • BUG-32087481 Wrong entry in ORABASETAB creates a misleading message
  • BUG-32144845 JAVAVM_STATUS check runs slow with many pdbs
  • BUG-32164706 Clearer message for GRP creation failure
  • BUG_32251471 Unplug Plug and Upgrade exception during Timezone fixup
  • BUG_32261243 Merge source sqlnet.ora with the wrong target
  • BUG_32266220 Auto_login_wallet_required Check Fails for 12.1

What’s supported?

With this version of AutoUpgrade, you can not only upgrade to Oracle Database 19c (regardless of which RU you have) but also to and 18c with at least the January 2019 RU and – of course – to Oracle Database 21c as well.

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