Upgrade Essentials – Videos for the Virtual Classroom Series 2020

Roy, Daniel and I ran 6 workshops in our Virtual Classroom Series 2000 format. Each of them is between 90 and 120 minutes. This sounds quite long but of course you can scroll forward if you are interested in only a part of it. We consider those the Upgrade Essentials – Videos for the Virtual Classroom Series 2020. As as we now completed the 6th web seminar, it’s time for a short recap.

Is Upgrade that complicated?

Good question. If upgrade is so easy as we say, why do you need 6 virtual sessions so far (and more to come soon)?

At first, upgrade of course is not complicated. But there is obviously much more around and about upgrades. We wanted to tell you a lot about Release and Patching Strategies for a start. Then the only recommended way to upgrade Oracle databases: AutoUpgrade. But there is more to know – and Performance Management is most likely the most important topic as nobody wants to see unexpected surprises.

Furthermore, you may sneak into the Multitenant part if you intend (and we recommend this as well) to move to the CDB architecture. And in case you have different challenges such as a large cross-Endianness migration or a minimal downtime upgrade with Transient Logical Standby or Oracle GoldenGate, the Migrations Strategies seminar may be the right one for you. But don’t miss our tips and tricks for Data Pump in it as well.

And finally – for now – Move to the Cloud. We approach this from a technical perspective. We don’t do marketing in our talks. Our goal is to explain and demonstrate the technical capabilities, the advantages and considerations you’ll have to make.

So please enjoy – no registration or signup needed.

Just follow the links below.

And where do you get the slides?

As usual, you get all the slides here on the upgrade blog as well:

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