Oracle Database certified on Oracle Linux 8 and RHEL8

The other day I received a question on Twitter regarding my experience with Oracle on Linux 8. I first thought this may be an error. Why should Oracle been certified on Linux 8. And I didn’t see anything internally about Oracle Database certified on Oracle Linux 8 and RHEL8.

Oracle Database certified on Oracle Linux 8 and RHEL8

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But it is true …

Thanks to Marian Bednar (Thanks a lot!!) who couldn’t find any information on my blog, now I know. Marian pointed me to the Release Notes Oracle Database They’ve got updated in July 2020 already with this chapter:

Now I was really puzzled. The release notes contain installation instructions. You will need to set the environment variable CV_ASSUME_DISTID to OL7. And you will need to apply at least the April 2020 PSU. No idea honestly if the BP would do it as well as I hope you are not on the PSU track for But I silently assume that the necessary fixes are included in the BPs as well as the BP is a superset of the PSU.

Anyhow, check the list of Known Issues in the Release Notes as well, and keep in mind that Oracle Database is already under Paid Extended Support.

For specific Kernel information, see also 2 – Certification Information for Oracle Linux 8 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 on Linux x86-64 – and note, that this certification does not apply to RAC/GI.

How about Oracle and Oracle 18c?

Of course, I needed to verify also whether Oracle Database and 18c got certified as well.

But CERTIFY on MOS didn’t give any results for OL8 and/or RHEL8 for or 18c.


Oracle Database certified on Oracle Linux 8 and RHEL8

MyOracle Support Certify Information

As you can see, there is no Linux 8 to check with – the same result as for Oracle And for completeness, I did check for Oracle as well with the same result (no hit).

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