Cloud Migrations: The New Kid on the Blog –

You may have realized that you will find mostly on-prem database upgrade and migration topics covered on my blog. Which doesn’t mean that you can’t use most of these techniques to migrate to the cloud either. But it’s really hard to write about everything in full detail. Hence, today I’d like to introduce you to Cloud Migrations: The New Kid on the Blog – And no, I was never a fan of this American boyband from the 80s and 90s 😉

Cloud Migrations: The New Kid on the Blog -

Find Daniel’s blog at:


Cloud Migrations: The New Kid on the Blog -

Daniel Overby Hansen

As you may have read a few months ago, we have a new Cloud Migration Senior Principal Product Manager on board in our team since Jan 1, 2020: Daniel Overby Hansen.

And this is were the letters for his blog’s name come from: D(aniel)O(verby)H(ansen) – and it’s about database(s).

D – O – H – DATABASE – dot – com 🙂

Easy to remember.

What will you find on Daniel’s blog?

Of course, you won’t find “only” cloud migration stuff. Our daily activities, especially as we deal a lot with customers directly, are not tailored to one strict topic. So there will be a lot more stuff than just upgrading and migrating your Oracle databases to various shapes of the Oracle cloud such as Bare Metal, ExaCS, ExaCC, VM. You will find of course also blog posts about on-prem topics.

For a start, if you may want to dig into ZDM (Zero Downtime Migration), you can explore it from here on in several detailed technical blog posts:

But there is already much more to explore.

And there is more …

Daniel started also producing videos in relation to our presentations and to his blog posts. You will find them in our YouTube Channel:

For instance, his video about How to install and configure Zero Downtime Migration.

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