Upgrade Seminars 2020 – Recap and Videos on-demand

Thank you for participating in our 4 Database Upgrade to Oracle 19c seminars in the past two weeks. There were over 800 questions during the seminars – and it was a good idea that we prerecorded them. This way, I could answer your questions as it was a more convenient time for me than for Roy. We enjoyed it a lot – and from the feedback I read, most of you enjoyed it, too. Now please read about Upgrade Seminars 2020 – Recap and Videos on-demand below.

The Slides

I uploaded all 4 decks to the upgrade blog during each seminar already. You can find them here:

The Videos

As promised, we’d like to share the on-demand videos of all 4 seminars with you. You can access each of them via the below links:

or, if you prefer to access each seminar separately without the need to put in your email address:

The Poll

We’ve had a quick poll in each of the seminars as you can see from my previous article after the first two seminars.

Upgrade Seminars 2020 - Recap and Videos for on-demand

Poll Question from Seminar 4: Do you use Oracle Multitenant already?

Actually I expected a result like this. And I guess, it represents the overall situation quite well.

More to come?

Actually, I offered already to additional seminars for late summer or early fall. We would like to do one for all the different migration techniques we couldn’t cover in full details, such as Transportable Tablespaces, Full Transportable Export/Import, Data Pump, Data Guard and Oracle GoldenGate. And Daniel and I are eager to direct you to Migration to the Cloud – For Techies Only. We are working with customers and colleagues on several projects. So we’d like to share our experience with you of course.

Let’s see if the marketing team is willing to run these with us again.

And for those who asked whether we do a similar series for the US/Canada and LAD time zones: Roy is working on this. Stay tuned please.

Now take care and hope to see you soon again!

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