Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c – Virtual Classroom Series

Roy and I delivered a similar seminar already for the Australia and New Zealand region. And now it is time at a more convenient time zone setting for EMEA and India. So if you are not tired of web seminars yet, please sign up for our Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c – Virtual Classroom Series.

Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c - Virtual Classroom Series

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4 Web Seminars – Going far beyond upgrades

The idea for this series of 4 web seminars is to cover not only the database upgrade itself. You will get much more than technical upgrade information. And we will stay as technical as possible – to help you approaching your upgrades to Oracle Database 19c.

  • Web Seminar 1 – Release Strategy and Patching Best Practices
    When: June 23, 2020 – 11:00h-12:30h (CEST)
    We will cover the new release model with all the recent changes for Oracle Database, Oracle Database 19c and of course give a clear recommendation to which release you will need to upgrade to. But there is much more in this session. Patching is a crucial topic. And we’d like to highlight not only best practices but shed some light into the mechanisms of datapatch.
  • Web Seminar 2 – Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c using AutoUpgrade
    When: June 25, 2020 – 11:00h-12:30h (CEST)
    In the second seminar of the series we will cover the database upgrade. Of course, AutoUpgrade is the recommended way to upgrade your databases. And our team is working really hard to deliver a complete upgrade solution which allows you to upgrade without any intervention. It’s only US loving database upgrade – for you it’s a reoccurring task. Our goal is to make it as simple and easy as possible. And this seminar is what you need to start right away.
  • Web Seminar 3 – Performance Stability, Tips, Tricks & Underscores
    When: June 30, 2020 – 11:00h-13:00h (CEST)
    The third of the virtual classrooms seminars will cover performance stability as we know that your biggest fear are unexpected plan changes. But there is much more. So we will give tips and tricks, and we’ll cover some underscore parameters which are essential in Oracle Database 19c. Please be aware that the web seminar will take a bit longer than the advertised 90 minutes. But we hope it’s worth your time.
  • Web Seminar 4 – Migrate to the Multitenant Architecture
    When: July 2, 2020 – 11:00h-13:00h (CEST)
    In the last of our 4 web seminars we will cover Oracle Multitenant. Well, you may have heard various Multitenant talks over the past years already. Hence, after giving a short introduction into Oracle Multitenant will be on the migration to Oracle Multitenant. You can have 3 user-created PDBs with Oracle 19c as part of any Oracle Database license. So why not enter the world of PDBs. In this talk we will explain the different approaches, the pros and cons, we will cover minimal downtime strategies and fallback scenarios. And much much more. And please be aware upfront that the seminar may take a bit longer than advertised. There is so much to tell …

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And of course, this is a free web seminar.

If you have questions during the web seminars, you can put them into the chat. We either will try to answer them directly or post the questions with answer on the blog afterwards as we did for past seminars. We will record the seminars and make them available afterwards once the series has been completed.

Looking forward to have you participating soon 🙂

Video Replays

As the Seminars are over already, you can watch the recordings here:

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