3 Live Seminars: Upgrade and Performance Seminar 2 Questions answered

Thanks a lot to all of you who participated also in our second seminar. Below you find now 3 Live Seminars: Upgrade and Performance Seminar 2 Questions answered.

3 Live Seminars: Upgrade and Performance Seminar 2 Questions answered

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Your Questions, our Answers for Seminar 2: Upgrade and Performance

I this blog post I answer all questions from the second seminar about AutoUpgrade to Oracle 19c and Performance Stability. Please find the links to the other QAs for Seminar 1 (Release Strategy, Patching and Cool Features) and Seminar 3 (Migration to Multitenant) below in the Links section of this blog post.

39 We need to upgrade our EBS r12 dBm which is 11g r1 to 19c. Is it advisable?
A: Please see here: https://mikedietrichde.com/2019/09/12/oracle-ebs-12-2-on-prem-is-now-certified-with-oracle-19c-and-will-become-a-pdb/ – it is a change to the CDB architecture
41 Currently I’ upgraded one DW database from 12 to 19c and facing some issues. SR raised with oracle. How to share the error details with Mike and get some advise?
A: If you don’t see progress with Support, please raise the severity, and if necessary, escalate the SR and request a management callback.
42 Why they made rpm available anyway?
A: Good question – I guess, this is meant for the developer community. But it was truly requested by customers.
43 No consideration for Upgrading on Exadata ? Grid infrastructure ?
A: That is a separate topic I can’t cover in such a seminar. Please see 2542082.1 – it has all the answers you are looking for.
44 What changes to utl_file_dir
A: UTL_FILE_DIR is desupported since Oracle 18c: https://docs.oracle.com/en/database/oracle/oracle-database/19/refrn/release-changes.html#GUID-4D2C4F13-4BA9-44BF-A112-3ACCDB3F6A0A
46 Hi Mike. Could you please let autoupgrade integrated into Cloud Control?
A: Will happen – we are working with the EM team on it
47 My current 12c database is running on RHEL 6.4. So, have I to upgrade the OS before?
A: Yes, you will have to … RHEL 7.5 as minumum
48 autoupgrade upgrade the grid too?
A: No, this is done as part of the GI installation when you run rootupgrade.sh
49 Does this autoupgrade is also planned to be certfied for Applications DB such as E-Business Suite R12 Oracle Database?
A: Well, this is a question I can’t answer right now – but please raise an SR or ask your Oracle Sales rep about it
50 Can we upgrade from Oracle 12.x Windows 2012 to Oracle 19c Linux x64?
A: Yes, you can – do the -analyze and -fixups steps on source, trace the controlfile, then copy everything over, create a new controlfile – and run -deploy.
You could also use the mixed platform RMAN duplicate: 1079563.1 (RMAN DUPLICATE/RESTORE/RECOVER Mixed Platform Support)
51 Partially based on yesterdays information, we IMMEDIATELY banned delivering 18c databases, as this is not a through time supported version!
A: Good – I agree!
52 When upgrading to a higher version, are all pdbs and along with the cdb upgraded all together ?
A: Yes, they’ll have to. You can’t have an unrestricted open PDB of version in a 19c CDB. They share the master dictionary in the CDB$ROOT.
53 Does autoupgrade also upgrade the GI?
A: No, this is done by rootupgrade.sh as part of the GI installation
54 Does it need internet connection or cant it be executed offline
A: AutoUpgrade DOES NOT require ANY internet connection 🙂
55 Can autoupgrade do 12.2 non cdb to 19c pdb?
A: Yes, it can – please see Seminar 3 for Multitenant
56 Is there any automatic integration with Ansible?
A: No automatic, but you can do this – I’ve seen Jenkins and other integrations, too
57 Does AutoUpgrade handle GI-Infrastructure upgrades in an Oracle Restart configuration?
A: No, it doesn’t – and currently we are working on the RESTART support for AutoUpgrade. But the GI piece needs to happen with the GI install and roothasupgrade
58 For autoupgrade, config.cfg file, what are all the inputs have to provided? could you please explore this?
A: See the blog for a step-by-step advice: https://mikedietrichde.com/2019/04/29/the-new-autoupgrade-utility-in-oracle-19c/
59 Does AutoUpgrade product work with EXADATA
A: Yes, it does – but the official note does not include it yet 🙁
60 I saw on the slide, for any os that has Oracle, so AutoUpgrade exsists for Windows as well?
61 Does autoupgrade require a downtime ?
A: As every database upgrade without added minimal downtime treatments, yes it does.
62 Will we be handling RAC as well?
A: Yes, please see here: https://mikedietrichde.com/2020/04/01/autoupgrade-new-version-with-rac-database-upgrade-support/
63 is this also working with Patched Destination Homes like SAP Databases with applied mopatch and Opatch Options?
And is this also supported for SAP Databases?
A: It should be soon – we are working with out mates in Walldorf 🙂
64 How the autoupgrade upgrade the grid? i saw the oracle_home, the new home, but only to database, and the grid?
A: Only the database – GI gets upgraded when you run rootupgrade.sh at the end of the GI install
65 so how to mentioned the Sid in case or 2 or more node of rac database – can we use with sid1 and sid2 like that
A: You use the SID on the host you start/invoke autoupgrade. So when your DB is ORCL, and your SID is ORCL1 on node1, and ORCL2 on node2, you will use the SID for the node you start it on. See also: https://mikedietrichde.com/2020/04/01/autoupgrade-new-version-with-rac-database-upgrade-support/
66 Will those before and after Scripts be reverted, when the Upgrade is not successfull?
A: Very good question – the BEFORE won’t, but the AFTER won’t be executed.
67 Hi, autoupgrade may affect APEX or may contain updates for apex as well ?
A: It won’t upgrade APEX as this is not part of the database upgrade anymore since But it will warn you, if your APEX version needs to be upgraded upfront.
68 Thank you .. before we had somes bugs to use flashback with upgrade .. is it safe now to use it as a rollback option ?
A: Yes, it is
69 Hello, Regarding Time Zone Upgrade, is it allowed to do the second part of time zone upgrade ( upgrade of non-sys tz data ) without downtime? The second is done after the second db restart, which means the db is up already.
A: No, unfortunately this always requires downtime, database downtime for the dictionary change (STARTUP UPGRADE), and application downtime (the user data part).
70 After an upgrade, how can you know the parameter configurations that are no longer used in the new database version? (This usually flashes a message when starting up the database)
A: Not 100% sure what you are asking for – obsolete parameters may block the startup but will be removed by AutoUpgrade
71 Moving to a new server with AutoUpgrade is not published yet on the blog but He mentioned during the slides. Hope he will update that soon.
A: In the making … 🙂
72 Was there any feature that will help to shorten the migration between 2 diff endians?
A: Transportable Tablespaces and Full Transportable Export Import with RMAN Incrememtal Backups – see the slides section
73 Should we use only 3 digits when setting compatible parameters on ASM as well? i.e compatible.asm and compatible.rdbms?
A: There 4 digits may be appropriate – but there is advice in the GI docs. I solely talk about the database init.ora parameter
74 one question… and if we are on Standard Edition… which tool except Statspack could I use to check that perf are still the same after upgrade…
A: See Björn Rost’s old deck about this topic: https://www.slideshare.net/bjoernrost/open-source-or-free-tuning-tools-for-oracle-databases
75 What tools i must be used to migrate database standard
A: AutoUpgrade works exactly the same for EE and SE databases. If you need to “migrate”, use expdp/impdp for Endianness changes
76 Few questions if thats ok
1) Does autoupgrade update tnsnames?
2) Does it detach and attach to the correct home automatically
3) What does it to with the pasword file and spfile?
A: It copies SPFILE and password file. And it switched the homes as it updates /etc/oratab. In RAC, it does the SRVCTL configuration. It takes care on TNS as well.
77 How do you guarrantee you capture all the plans in STS as AWR data is sampled
A: I can’t guarantee as there is a limited of max 600 plans with standard settings per snapshot – you will need to capture from cursor cache for OLTP in addition
78 Which possibilities will I have to test performance after upgrade if I only have SE2 instead of EE?
A: A subset of SPM is available in SE2, as well. https://blogs.oracle.com/optimizer/does-the-use-of-sql-plan-management-and-the-dbmsspm-database-package-require-a-tuning-or-diagnostic-pack-license
79 *migration / upgrade
A: ???
80 Only problem is that you buffer cache and shared pool is not warm with sql tuning analyze
How do you work around that ?
A: I can speak for SPA – it warms it up. And if I remember correctly, STA does this, too, by doing the first run to warm up, then ignore the result, and do it again
81 Hi, is it possible to use AutoUpgrade with Source and Target Database on Different Servers?
A: Well, I covered that in the talk. Use “-mode analyze” and “-mode fixups” on source, then copy the database over, the use “-mode upgrade” on the new server. That’s it.
82 How does staging with SQL Profiles acutually work? How can I move them from a QA to a PROD DB?
A: See MOS Note:751068.1
83 Is database replay a cost option?
A: Yes, it is part of Real Application Testing
84 What about  indexes? i was expecting things related with auto indexes created etc
A: No – these are features not available in regular on-prem editions yet
85 By when HOL 19c will be available for download
A: It is since months: https://mikedietrichde.com/database-upgrade-hands-on-lab-oracle-18c-and-19c/hol-19c-main-index-page-oracle-database-19c-hands-on-lab/
86 Does autoupgrade works on Windows 2012 & Windows 2016?
On an ActiveWill autoupgrade, will upgrade my Grid Infrastructure?  If not, what are the steps with autoupgrade?
A: It works in Win. Actually, our most active Beta customer (SimCorp) uses it on Win. And it won’t upgrade GI – this is done by Grid Infrastructure. AutoUpgrade fully integrates with RAC since end of March:  https://mikedietrichde.com/2020/04/01/autoupgrade-new-version-with-rac-database-upgrade-support/
88 Is there anything I can use in Standard Edition to ensure performance stability after upgrade.
A: Yes, parts of SPM are available in SE2 as well – see here: https://blogs.oracle.com/optimizer/does-the-use-of-sql-plan-management-and-the-dbmsspm-database-package-require-a-tuning-or-diagnostic-pack-license
89 Thanks Mike.  Great Presentation as usual
A: Welcome 🙂
90 Does the autoupgrade do RAC standby databases as well as their Primarys?
A: It takes care on the primary – and currently you must disable the Broker and defer the log transport. This will be done by AU soon as well. But your standby gets always upgrade via redo apply, not with any upgrade tool.
91 Thank You, very interesting event, have a nice day!
92 Thank you mike, clear and efficient !
93 Does it cover RAC grid infrastructure as well as part of autoupgrade?
A: No, this is covered by the GI installation routine and rootupgrade.sh
94 Is there an OCP upgrade path for 10g OCPs?
A: Please drop an email to Laura, her mailid is at the end of the slides
95 Is support for Redhat 8 planned ?
A: Yes, but I don’t know any date.
96 We would like ansible playbooks to install 19c home
A: Please google a bit – I think some people (Frits Hoogland from Enkitec coming to my mind) made their playbooks public
97 Hello I paid for learning subscription in January, I asked several times if I could apply for a discount as I was doing this as a self trader. I would not have paid in January if I knew that a dsicount would be possible 2 months later! Can I apply for the discount please?
99 Question for Laura :  I have seen that Self-Study courses were available for 11g (I had done the 11g Grid+ASM course at home).  I don’t notice Self-Study courses for 18c / 19c.  Are they available from education.oracle.com ?
100 What will be the best option, use Automatically SPM or Manually SPM?
A: Manually – clearly! Unless you have an application which works 100% with binds only.
101 If i have an oracle on windows 2012R2 can i do upgrade to 19? Wouldn`t i have problem with the o/s that is not certified with oracle 19?
A: See the CERTIFICATIONS on MOS – Oracle Database is certified on Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) 2012 R2
102 for the learning subscription, how many times can i request for the LAB?  lets say i am not able finish in 1week, can i request multiple time?

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