Oracle Support extended with Limited Error Correction Support

There was sort of a rumor already as some customers sent mail to me last week whether we may extend the support period for Oracle And thanks to my friend, Robert Pastijn, who alerted me minutes ago, you can find this information now as well in the single source of truth, MOS Note:742060.1.

Oracle Support extended with Limited Error Correction Support

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Limited Error Correction announced for Database

There are three important bullet points in the Patching End Dates table for Oracle Database

  • Error Correction / Patching is available until Nov 30, 2020
  • Limited Error Correction (Sev 1 and Security Updates only) is available from Dec 1, 2020 – March 31, 2022
    See Note 161818.1 for details.
  • is not eligible for Extended Support (ES)

Initially there were 10 missing days in November 2020 but this was a synch issue with MOS. This has been fixed. Originally the date said “until Nov 20, 2020”. And it is important to repeat that this is Oracle – and neither Oracle 18c ( nor Oracle 19c (

Why is MOS Note: 742060.1 pointing to MOS Note: 161818.1 – Oracle Database (RDBMS) Releases Support Status Summary)?

In MOS Note: 161818.1 you will find a precise explanation – which I will quote here as the table format is a bit odd to look at. And it clarifies the 10 missing days as it adds it to Premier Support period:

  • Premier Support Error Correction end date for Oracle Database is November 30, 2020.  There is no Extended Support available for, as a one-time exception, Oracle will provide Limited Error Correction at no additional charge, for a period of 16 months after Premier Support Error Correction ends. Limited Error Correction will be in place from December 1, 2020 until March 31, 2022 for those customers needing additional time to complete their 19c upgrades. During Limited Error Correction, Oracle will use commercially reasonable efforts2 to provide:
    • Severity 1 code fixes, including Backports and/or workarounds for newly discovered Severity 1 Production incidents
    • Security fixes via our Quarterly Release Update (RU) process

    Limitations and Exclusions:

    • No P2 or P3 patches will be provided
    • All currently supported platforms are included, except Fujitsu BS2000.
      Included platforms are: Linux x86-64, Solaris x86-64, Solaris SPARC, IBM AIX on Power Systems, IBM Linux on System Z (ZLinux), HP-UX Itanium, and Microsoft Windows x64.
    • No Functional Upgrades, Issues associated with Third-Party Software, and Certifications with new versions of the OS will be provided.
    • Embedded components in the Oracle Database that rely upon de-supported releases of Java products, Updates to any cryptography related functionality, including, but not limited to, Transport Layer Security (TLS), network encryption, and other forms of secured communications are not included.
    • Integrated Oracle Products with their own Lifetime Support Policies are not included.

    1 Oracle Database includes both on-premises, Database/Exadata Cloud Services, and Exadata Cloud at Customer (both Gen1 and Gen2)

    2 Commercially Reasonable Efforts means Oracle will provide fixes that can be completed and provided with a reasonable number of resources and time.

These are exciting and very positive news.

Personally after having dozens of discussions with customers about the support periods for Oracle 12.2 including, 18c and 19c in the past months, I think these are great news. And in these special times, this may relief also the pressure in one or the other upgrade project.

Release Graph updated

MOS Note: 742060.1 has updated also the release graph – I copy/paste mine here:

Oracle Support extended with Limited Error Correction Support

Now I will browse through my blog and add and change references 😉

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