AutoUpgrade – New Version with RAC Database Upgrade Support

Thanks to all our customers who participated in our evaluation test for RAC upgrade support with the AutoUpgrade Tool. And my colleagues worked hard to deliver the new version as quickly as possible. Just to make sure: This is not an April’s fools blog post. Since 2 days, you can download AutoUpgrade – New Version with RAC Database Upgrade Support.

AutoUpgrade - New Version with RAC Database Upgrade Support

Picture by: Jason Yuen on Unsplash

Where to download it?

As usual, you can download the newest version – in this case 19.8 aka 20200327 from MOS Note: 2485457.1:

You simply copy the new version into your 19c (or or 18c) Oracle Home and overwrite the previous “autoupgrade.jar“.

What is new – and what are the limits?

Of course the support to upgrade RAC databases is new in this version. We did support this before already but with extra steps. You could find them in AutoUpgrade – Data Guard, RAC and Restart. But these manual steps are not necessary anymore.

Still, there are some things to know, and two limits:

  • AutoUpgrade does not upgrade your Grid Infrastructure (GI) and Clusterware component (OCW)
  • You always must upgrade GI/OCW at first – then you can upgrade your database(s)
  • If you SPFILE is managed locally (i.e. in file system instead of ASM) the tool won’t be able to handle this
  • Due to the nature of the MS Windows architecture, we don’t support RAC upgrades on Windows right now with AutoUpgrade’s end-ti-end automation

But my colleagues have added all the RAC explanations to MOS Note: 2485457.1 as well. I won’t copy&paste them here but they included:

  • Requirements for using AutoUpgrade with RAC
  • AutoUpgrade Process Flow for RAC
  • Preparing RAC for use with AutoUpgrade
  • Scope Limits
  • File System preparation

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