Do you need to license Java for AutoUpgrade?

Actually this question came up internally. I did have no doubt that you don’t have to license Java in order to use AutoUpgrade. But a colleague had such doubts. So let’s clarify: Do you need to license Java for AutoUpgrade?

Do you need to license Java for AutoUpgrade?

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Or phrased in a different way: “Since Java 8 requires a Java subscription now. Does autoupgrade come with a license?

Do you?

Of course, No!

But where do the doubts come from? Actually this link here does not list the “Oracle Database” as a product. But there is this MOS Note 1557737.1 – Support Entitlement for Java SE When Used As Part of Another Oracle Product shedding some light.

Oracle customers of Oracle products that use the Oracle JRE or Oracle JDK are entitled, without the need to separately purchase Oracle Java SE Subscriptions, to the following:

Download and use Oracle Java SE updates, patches and tools for use with the licensed Oracle product. Customers are only entitled to download such Java SE versions as are required by their Oracle product.
Install and use such Java SE updates, patches and tools to develop or deploy an Oracle product.
Customers can file service requests for Java issues against an Oracle product, but not directly against Java SE.
Oracle JFR may be used when requested by Oracle Support for troubleshooting Oracle products, on any supported Oracle product.

But actually the case is crystal clear:

Every Oracle Home since includes Java 8 in the $ORACLE_HOME/jdk/bin directory. Thus any version to which a customer can upgrade with AutoUpgrade includes Java 8. And hence, you of course can use java with AutoUpgrade without an extra license.

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