Welcome onboard: Daniel Overby Hansen as Cloud Migration PM

I’m very happy to announce that as of January 1, 2020 a new decade begins. And Daniel Overby Hansen joins our group as new Cloud Migration Product Manager. I worked with Daniel on the customer side at SimCorp for many years. When we had a job opening in our group, we were very happy when Daniel applied for the opportunity.

Welcome onboard: Daniel Overby Hansen as Cloud Migration PM

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Who is Daniel?

Welcome onboard: Daniel Overby Hansen as Cloud Migration PM

Daniel Overby Hansen – Senior Principal Product Manager – Cloud Migrations – Oracle

Daniel has many years of experience in building enterprise-grade software from the Danish global provider of financial software, SimCorp. He has served in many roles in the development of SimCorp’s flagship products, and is familiar with modern software development principles. In addition, he spent many years as an operational DBA and he had great success at SimCorp with fully automating the entire database lifecycle.

Previously, he has been engaged with Oracle as part of the reference customer and beta programs, and has actively taken part in the Oracle community as speaker on international conferences, including Simcorp global user conferences and of course Oracle OpenWorld.

Daniel is very committed to helping other people and are always willing to explain, elaborate, demo, show or share his work. He is an enthusiastic person and always good company.

Daniel is married and he has two small children, and lives in the Danish capital Copenhagen. He enjoys the outdoor life and does a lot of walking and running. A bulletproof way to start a good relationship with him is to ask him out for a glass of wine or a scenic run.

We are overjoyed to start the new year with Daniel on our team; please join me in welcoming him to Oracle!

You can add Daniel to your Twitter feed at @dohdatabase

Welcome onboard, Daniel!


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