Great License News: Spatial and Graph, Machine Learning

Just this week in Brighton at TechFest19 by UKOUG I’ve heard one of the common complaints about our license strategy. Something I can’t comment in my position. But even better that we are announcing some very good news now. Oracle is listening. It is a reaction to customer’s wishes.

Great License News: Spatial and Graph, Machine Learning

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Spatial and Graph

Effective December 5, 2019, Oracle Spatial and Graph (OSG) option will be included with Oracle Database. This will affect Enterprise Edition, SE2 and Database Cloud Service (DBCS) Standard Edition 2 and Enterprise Edition. This means, you can use Spatial and Graph in all editions of the Oracle database including SE2 without extra license. And this includes all Spatial features as you can read in Oracle Database PM VP, Jim Steiner’s blog post.

TAFKAP and TOFKAOAA = Machine Learning

Anybody remember this acronym? Prince, on of the greatest musicians ever (and by the way, an incredibly good guitar player) used this acronym a long while ago when he had a bigger argument with his record company. It stood for: The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. Now you can guess what TOFKAOAA stands for? The Option Formerly Known as Oracle Advanced Analytics (OAA). Today we call it Machine Learning. And actually I have to credit the ML PMs for this analogy.

But names shouldn’t matter for you in this case. The important news are: As of December 5, 2019, the Machine Learning (formerly known as Advanced Analytics) feature of Oracle Database may be used for development and deployment purposes with all on-prem editions and Oracle Cloud Database Services.

License Guide

You can find this information already in the License Guides for all versions. We updated them already.

  • Spatial and Graph DataTable 1-12
    Great License News: Spatial and Graph, Machine Learning
  • VLDB, Data Warehousing, and Business IntelligenceTable 1-13
    Great License News: Spatial and Graph, Machine LearningGreat License News: Spatial and Graph, Machine Learning

Standard Edition 2

And especially regarding SE2 one important fact to note:

All features are included to the extent that the underlying database supports them. For example, Oracle Database SE2 does not support parallel operations, so Machine Learning, Graph or Spatial features will simply execute serially on SE2.

Remember? 3 PDBs …

As we announced it at Oracle Open World 2019 in San Francisco, you can have 3 user-created PDBs without having a license for Oracle Multitenant. You can create 3 PDBs per CDB (and you can have more than 1 CDB of course on the same server) also in Standard Edition 2 (SE2), not only in Enterprise Edition (EE). For SE2 you may need an extra patch. Please check with Oracle Support as the base installation allows you only a single PDB per CDB.


Actually these were a lot of very exciting positive and potentially unexpected license news in the past weeks. At DOAG19 on stage I’ve got enthusiastic applause during my AutoUpgrade talk when I mentioned the 3-PDB-announcement. And Spatial and Graph as well as ML being available in all editions without extra licenses required are very good news indeed, too.

More Information

Please find further information here:

And please watch Oracle Database Development EVP Andy Mendelsohn’s video, too.


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