New version of Upgrade / Migrate / Consolidate to Oracle 19c uploaded

Please apologize that it took me a bit longer to upload a new version of our comprehensive slide deck. You can download now a new version of “Upgrade / Migrate / Consolidate to Oracle 19c” via the blog’s download page.

New version of Upgrade / Migrate / Consolidate to Oracle 19c uploaded

Why is there a new version?

Since Oracle Open World 2019 we have a new corporate template. And while I like the graphics quite a bit, I’d say, the people who built it have a good sense for graphics. But they aren’t powerpoint experts. In fact, almost every slide had to be adjusted. This may not be a huge deal when you are in the comfortable position of having “somebody” doing this for you. But this “somebody” unfortunately is myself. Hence, it took me unfortunately very long. And of course, we wanted to include new content.

What’s new in this deck?

The previous deck had over 11000 downloads. But it was time to change a few things. We added sections to explain how you can migrate from non-CDB to PDB – and how to do a fallback. And we refreshed other sections such as the AutoUpgrade part and the Best Practices part we used for OOW19. And you will find now a new Patching section in the talk, too.

I will need to refresh the slides in the upcoming days again with a new customer case. But for now, especially for those who were desperately waiting to get access to the new slides (“Thank you so much for the wonderful day in Dubai!”), here they are.

Well, and due to the additions, the deck contains now more than 550 slides.

If you wonder about the size of the PDF, that is mostly credited to the new layout. The pictures we used are highly compressed (sorry for the blurring – I know, it looks awkward. But this was the only option to keep the PDF smaller than 100MB.

And if you wonder about the picture on the title slide, that’s my favorite mountain: Herzogstand. Picture taken from Heimgarten.

Thanks for your patience!


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