Market Driven Support for Oracle Database

I know that some of you are still on Oracle And I don’t want to argue, why. I’m pretty sure there’s a good reason that you haven’t upgraded yet. Just remember: You can upgrade directly from Oracle to Oracle 19c. Just in case you plan to stay longer than end of 2020 on this ancient release, then you may want to read about the Market Driven Support for Oracle Database

Market Driven Support for Oracle Database

Overview Support Periods Oracle 11g Release 2

First of all, let me give a quick overview on Oracle Database 11g Release 2 – usually known as Oracle 11.2. It became available on Linux on Sept 1, 2009. Yes, that was more than 10 years ago while I write this. It was the year when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 3Gs with 3G/UMTS support.

At the moment, only Oracle gets patch bundles and critical bug fixes, but only for customers who have an Extended Support agreement (extra cost) or those with a ULA or PULA contract. Oracle doesn’t get bug fixes anymore since Aug 28, 2015 – this was more than 4 years ago.

Market Driven Support for Oracle Database

Market Driven Support (MDS) for Oracle

First of all, the official document is here:

There was a similar offering for Oracle 10.2 as well a while ago – and it is not active anymore. Market Driven Support includes Severity 1 fixes and Security Fixes. Plus in addition, you will get a Technical Account Manager (TAM) for SR related questions and one upgrade planning workshop by ACS Support.

If you would like to get further details, please access the Technical Support Policies document – on page 20 25 you will find all the details under the subheading:

And please note that “Oracle Database 11g Release 2” means here: Oracle Database only!
(and if you wonder about the strike-throughs – the document has been edited, I updated the page number

Limitations and Restrictions

Finally, please be aware that there are some restrictions and limitations. Consult the Technical Support Policies  document (page 20) for further information. Excluded for instance are:

  • Embedded components in the Oracle database that rely upon desupported releases of Java products
  • Updates to any cryptography related functionality, including, but not limited to, Transport Layer Security (TLS), network encryption, and other forms of secured communications

Please check the Technical Support Policies document carefully. And if you are interested in this offering, please get in touch with your Oracle Support sales rep, or simply open an SR and request to get contacted.


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