Oracle Open World 2019 – Recap and Thank You!

OOW 2019 has ended over one week ago – and I just wrote the date for OOW 2020 into my calendar: Oct 4, /2020 –  Oct 8, 2020 – at least according to the events calendar of Moscone Center. But lets not talk about OOW20 but instead about my summary for Oracle Open World 2019 – Recap and Thank You!

Oracle Open World 2019 - Recap and Thank You!

Oracle Open World 2019 - Recap and Thank You!As usual, this was not a week to relax or hang out in all the nice places in San Francisco. OOW for me means usually a lot of stress. There are so many things we need to prepare. From slides (with the “surprise” of getting a new template which is fully incompatible to the previous one just a few weeks before) to Hands-On Lab where I had to write up special OOW instructions. Plus of course the many customer CVCs and other events. It’s stress. But it’s fun, too. To be honest, I like this week a lot. And this year was very special.

First of all, this was my 13th OOW in a row. And this time there was not a single meeting where I said to myself: Why have I been invited? Actually, all the meetings we’ve had this year were very well prepared, efficient – and extremely useful (hopefully for both sides). I learned a lot. From application vendors who failed to certify for Oracle 19c yet to minimal downtime requirements for upgrades to huge landscapes of thousands of databases. And of course, plenty of engineered systems.

I liked the new rooms setup and other areas as well a lot. There was more air to breath in the exhibit area, the CVC space seemed to be less noisy – and I found time in between to visit the Groundbreaker’s Hub and enjoy a dark blockchain beer. Only a bit more “privacy” for our Hands-On Lab would have been fantastic as Roy had to speak “against” the guys in the other lab areas.

Hands-On Lab OOW2019

Well, and then we’ve had the labs. You can still download the lab of course via the blog here – and the instructions are up as well.

Oracle Open World 2019 - Recap and Thank You!

We’ve had sold-out labs on the first 3 days, and only on Thursday, the final day of OOW19, there were 4 seats open. Thanks a lot for stopping by.

Talks and Slides – OOW2019

We’ve had a lot of talks this year – and I’m so happy that you seemed to like them. Thanks a lot for attending our talks! Please find the links to the slides downloads below – and we uploaded them to the OOW page as well of course. Plus, for Oracle people, you can get them as Powerpoints via Database PM page.

Oracle Open World 2019 - Recap and Thank You!

Slides are here:

AutoUpgrade to Oracle 19c

AutoUpgrade to Oracle 19c

Uploaded: Sep 24, 2019

Best Practices Upgrade 19c

Upgrade Best Practices 19c

Uploaded: Sep 24, 2019

Patching Best Practices 19c

Database Patching Best Practices

Uploaded: Sep 24, 2019

Data Pump Oracle 19c

What’s new in Data Pump 19c

Uploaded: Sep 24, 2019

Summary and Information

Thanks a lot for coming to OOW19 – and in case you’d like to watch keynotes or download slide decks for other talks, please find those below:

We hope to see you again next year. Mark your calendars for the week of Oct 5, 2020!


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