Post Conference Wrap-Up – POUG 2019

Monday after POUG is hard. As I wrote a year ago, a post-conference blues feeling hit me again. But this time I will get quicker over it as there’s Oracle Open World coming up – and a ton of things to complete before I will head out to San Francisco in a few days. So this will be just a short Post Conference Wrap-Up – POUG 2019.

Post Conference Wrap-Up - POUG 2019

First of all …

Thanks to all the people who worked so hard to organize this event. Luiza to name at first of course, but there are so many others. too. Guys, it’s just amazing what you do – thank you so much!

And of course also a big Thank You to all the attendees. It’s such a great atmosphere, a great mix of people and knowledge – awesome!

Finally to name all the other speakers whom I learned from a lot – even about things I never intended to learn about. And NO, not about special practices with the optimizer, but for instance about PGQL. At this conference you barely can’t sit in a corner somewhere – you HAVE to go to talks as there’s such an amazing program presented by many of the best speakers – and it’s a truly techie geek conference – I learned a lot from you guys. Thank you!

Second …

Well, the slides. For those of you who attend my talk right before the more than interesting panel (“Don’t touch the knobs!”), please find the slides here:

And finally …

Hope to see you all soon again. Wrozlaw (or Breslau) was amazing. I will return for sure soon again. And of course I hope to be back in a year again!

Post Conference Wrap-Up - POUG 2019


Post Conference Wrap-Up - POUG 2019


Post Conference Wrap-Up - POUG 2019


Post Conference Wrap-Up - POUG 2019


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