The September 2019 AutoUpgrade – and the AutoUpgrade Video

My team mates work really hard. And I’m really proud on all of them. We try to fix upcoming issues or requirements with the new AutoUpgrade tool as quickly as possible and still maintain very high quality standards. And here it is, the September 2019 AutoUpgrade – and the AutoUpgrade video as a bonus in addition. Just in case you haven’t seen it in action and can’t join us at OOW 2019.

The September 2019 AutoUpgrade - and the AutoUpgrade Video

Download the September 2019 AutoUpgrade Tool

You can simply download the tool from MOS Note: 2485457.1 – AutoUpgrade Tool.

MOS Note: 2485457.1 – AutoUpgrade Tool:

Watch the AutoUpgrade Video

I just uploaded the 12 minute video. It just covers the basics – for all the special things you can do with the AutoUpgrade, please see the section below.

AutoUpgrade – Step-by-Step

If you use the AutoUpgrade, make sure you browse through these blog posts as well. It guides you not only to the standard documentation but also to an increasing number of blog posts.

  1. The new AutoUpgrade Utility – Download, documentation and supported versions
  2. Create and adjust the config file for AutoUpgrade
  3. Config file for AutoUpgrade – Advanced options
  4. Config file for AutoUpgrade – Tweaking init parameters
  5. AutoUpgrade: ANALYZE, FIXUPS, UPGRADE and DEPLOY modes
  6. AutoUpgrade: Where do you find all the logfiles?
  7. UPG: The AutoUpgrade Command Line Interface
  8. Upgrading Multitenant databases with AutoUpgrade
  9. Moving to a new server with AutoUpgrade
  10. How to tweak the hidden settings in AutoUpgrade
  11. AutoUpgrade and Data Guard, RAC, Restart and non-CDB to PDB
  12. AutoUpgrade and Wallets


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