Data Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU) 19.1 is available

Just for those of you who face a character set migration challenge, the Data Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU) 19.1 is available now for download.

Data Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU) 19.1 is available

What is the DMU?

Oracle Database Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU) is a tool for migrating your databases from legacy encodings to Unicode. It simplifies the migration process. You as the DBA should need less experience and knowledge – and it should ease your task. It automates many steps. The migration happens in-place and reduces the effort and downtime required for data conversion, comparing to conventional export and import migration methods. You can also use the post-migration validation mode for databases already using the Unicode character set. You can identify data not correctly encoded in Unicode.

DMU 19.1

With DMU 19.1, you are getting a major release that introduces several new features which are designed to offer a more comprehensive Unicode migration solution. You will find a PL/SQL code scan feature enabling you to automate discovery of common latent application issues that need to be addressed along with the data migration.  Furthermore, you can facilitate the DMU now via secure shell (SSH).

Please use this DMU version also for older databases releases. As the DMU white paper states: “The latest DMU version 19.1 supports the migration of Oracle 12cpluggable databases (PDBs) to Unicode and is the officially supported method for migrating Oracle databases to the Unicode character set. The DMU also supports migrating selected prior database releases of 10.2, 11.1, and 11.2” you are safe even with older databases versions.

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